First Family Trip Ever – Part 2

You may find Part 1 here, and Part 3 here.

My adventure continues on at 5:30am Sunday. Biggest somehow managed to sneak out the door, go all the way upstairs, realize he couldn’t pee by himself because the toilet was too big (we brought his potty seat, not his potty stool), and stood stock still on the stairs screaming his head off. Which promptly woke everyone up, and, after I was up, they went back to bed. (My sister-in-law checked to see if everything was ok, and I think everyone else heard him and me at the same time, so were able to go straight back to sleep. I hope.) After calming Biggest down and getting him to pee, we went back downstairs, and I put him back to bed. At 7:30, hubby’s cousin came down and spirited him away to watch cartoons (what a treat!) and play upstairs. He let us sleep. (What a treat!!!)

Then it was off to the blur again. Pizza was had for breakfast, cartoons were watched, coffee was made, and everyone was showered and ready for our outing. To a corn maze. I was excited.

I have never been to a corn maze. I couldn’t wait to go when we found out what we were doing, but this corn maze was better than I thought, as it also offered wagon rides, a play area, a petting zoo, and a kids version of the corn maze.

You know that imagination that turns your sweaty, soggy run on the beach into one of those hair commercials with the wind blowing softly through your locks? Yeah, that’s how this went. I had images of Biggest looking with delight at the animals, going big-eyed with wonder at being behind a tractor on the wagon, and having a blast with pumpkins. Reality just isn’t what you’d like it to be. Don’t get me wrong, we all had a hoot, but this is how it actually went.

Petting zoo: Biggest looked at all the animals, and refused to touch any of them. We didn’t have screaming fits, but he was peeking out from behind my leg at the goats, and the pigs were met with an almost hysterical BIG PIG.

Play area: Huge slides. Small Biggest. While he enjoyed climbing, I had to rescue him a couple of times, because there were a couple children trying to get him into the burlap sack you had to use for the 15′ high slide. I had a heart attack. He probably would have been fine, but I had visions of him being traumatized for life because from what I could see, with the sack attached, it was a very. fast. ride. So we played with dirt, and took pictures with our faces in those funny painted boards.

Wagon ride: Fun. Short but fun. Biggest liked being behind the tractor, but he only had a half hour nap before we left, so he was getting kind of glazed. We got to stop at the top of a hill for a little while, and spent a fair chunk of time in the tall weeds tripping about, and collecting rocks. During the wait for the ride, we got to watch someone launch a corn cannon. According to Biggest: “noisy”. It looked pretty cool though.

Corn maze: It was pretty cool, there weren’t as many twists as I was expecting, but it was really neat walking through it. I was kind of in a bad mood though, because we had a bathroom incident just before we went through it.

Bathroom incident: There was only one stall in the ladies washroom, and the floor was wet, so I didn’t want to take Biggest’s pants and shoes off like I normally do. So I tried to sit him on the toilet to go pee with them on. In retrospect, it would have been better to risk the wet floor, as he couldn’t sit far enough back on the toilet. So when he went to pee, his underwear acted like the greatest catcher in the MBA, and caught his entire stream. He stopped it though, and apparently still had some left, that went right over his pants onto mine. He stopped it again, still had some more, and that went right over his pants, right over my pants, and all over the floor. Definitely should have risked the wet floor. On top of that? No paper towel, just an air drier, and a huge line up behind me. So I used what toilet paper I could, and Biggest and I got to see the corn maze sopping wet. Best part? I only own that one pair of pants.

Moving on… Turkey dinner was on it’s way when we got back, and we spent the rest of the time being thoroughly stuffed, and thoroughly entertained. Biggest hardly spent any time with us because there were a bunch of kids that he was playing with. By 10:30pm though, hubby and I were absolutely exhausted. The afforementioned kids were playing downstairs, so we had Biggest sleeping in one of the rooms upstairs temporarily. Luckily, he again went to bed with little fuss.

Note: Littlest slept an hour the entire day, and by 10:30pm he was also exhausted, and had only just fallen asleep. I would also like to note that we are no longer using his playpen during the day, as he is apparently almost too big for it, and hates it with a burning passion.

End Part 2.


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