First Family Trip Ever – Part 3

You may find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Cue the last day. Littlest woke up a couple more times the previous night, and I am absolutely, unbelievably wiped. The morning passed with little event, Biggest got to watch some more cartoons, and hubby took both kids upstairs so I could take a nap. Lovely.

We left at 1pm. I absolutely had a blast, and by the sounds of it, everyone else did too. My sister-in-law had again reserved us a spot on the ferry boat, so we didn’t have to wait in line. Everyone, including Littlest fell asleep.

Between both days, Littlest hardly slept. I had originally thought Biggest would have trouble with the naps and bedtimes, but to my surprise, Littlest was the one who got the worst of it.

Total nap tally: 2 1/2 hours over 2 days.

I think he was so excited by everything that he couldn’t sleep, and by the time the excitement of the trip wore off, he was so overtired that he couldn’t sleep either. Babies have a weird way of showing overtired. Personally, I would have been passed out. Either way, he was cranky, but not so much that he couldn’t be comforted. Hubby’s cousin was as wonderful with him as he was with Biggest, I found him rocking the carseat more than a few times, and in between someone rocking the car seat, someone was usually there to make faces at him or hand him something to chew. (Much love to the crew from one tired Momma.)

Back to the ride, we got to the ferry, and had another bite to eat while we were on the boat, but this sailing was so overcrowded that we ended up having to find a seat on the floor. Not that there weren’t seats available, but for a crew of 7, the seat here and 2 seats there weren’t going to cut it, so we settled for the hallway. There also seemed to be a large number of people with bags as their traveling companion(s), and that didn’t help either. I was hoping for another of those glorious “child wonder” moments when I took Biggest to the top deck to see how high up we were, but my hopes were blown away with the hurricane force winds up there, and we came back inside right away. Also, you know it’s time to go home when your 2 1/2 year old decides to have a tantrum because the counter’s wet and he doesn’t want to wash his hands until it’s dry. Sorry child, I am not the janitor, and it’s just water.

Anyhow, we also made it home in record time, despite a stop at a coffee shop (which had a rude person at the intersection who tried to cut us off, followed by a cashier who refused to acknowledge us, and another person who cut us off in the same line up because the cashier refused to acknowledge us).

And now we come to this morning. Biggest has an attitude that is at least a mountain and a half high because there’s suddenly no cartoons, no entertainment, and the rules of the house are still in place.. And Littlest has been sleeping the entire night, woke up for a bottle, and has fallen back to sleep for most of the morning.

Me? I’m drowning in coffee, as per usual. Good morning Tuesday!


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