Tonight’s the night!

…For sharing that is. Hubby and I have given some thought to the room situation, and after seeing how successful Biggest and Littlest did at sleeping in the same space, we’ve decided to let them share a room. Not only does this give Hubby the opportunity to do some of his homework in peace, but it also gives me a chance to close the door on all the cords during the day. Why is this important?

Excellent question. The answer is threefold.

Firstly, Biggest has been earning the title of Quickfingers, as he’s been testing boundaries with surprising ferocity, and thus touching everything in sight, whether or not he’s allowed, whether or not he knows better. This has created a lot of disciplinary issues, and rather than punish him every 5 minutes, which would result in a loss of most of his toys, a large amount of time in his time out chair, or in extreme cases, a spank on the bum… I figured it would be less hassle and less fuss on both ends if I just remove a large chunk of the temptation. The only thing it doesn’t solve is his unnervingly recent habit of throwing stuff at me if he thinks I’m not paying attention.

Secondly, I have been reworking how the morning goes. I’ve got my sleep clinic coming up next week, and after discovering that fighting it is pointless and debilitating (the more energy I spend fighting something I have no control over, the less energy I have when it finally goes away at 4:00pm), I have some ideas to at least make it a bit less frustrating. As a result, I’m changing how quiet time works, and how playing in the morning works. Quiet time is now with books on his bed, so I can focus on waking up properly (about 45 minutes), and playing in the morning is now done in the living room with better supervision (hopefully solving the whole throwing stuff at me when I’m not looking thing). I am also dedicating a specific time of the morning for some 1-on-1 time, as Littlest is going to be entering into a new developmental phase soon, and will require that as well.

Finally, Littlest will be crawling soon, and for the life of me, I have no idea how to deal with it. In fact, I’m absolutely terrified. Biggest didn’t become mobile until he was old enough to be reasoned with, but if Littlest’s gross motor skills continue to develop at the current rate, it won’t be long at all before I’m rescuing him from things, or things from him. On this note, I would like to be prepared, so rather than have a room full of computers and cords that are easily accessible, I will only have an entertainment unit that will be easily accessible. It should be way easier to keep both my eyes on one end of the room rather than getting a chameleon-like eye implant. It seems like a better option.

And now, since it seems like the “Ests” are fast asleep (I hear nothing!), I am going to take myself off for an early bedtime as well.


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