The Day S*** Hit The Fan

The Day S*** Hit The Fan is also known as the day Biggest realized Mommy was serious.

Last night was Biggest and Littlest’s first night sleeping together, and it went well. I was quite surprised, but both of them fell asleep within 5 minutes of the light being turned out. This morning, however, was another matter. Oh it started out ok, both kiddos woke up at 6, and it actually worked out really well for me too.

6:00am is where it all started. See, I was feeling only a little bit groggy, so I thought to myself that I would put some toys in Littlest’s crib, and give Biggest some cars, and have a 30 minute nap to get rid of the rest of the sleepies. Considering the current issues I’ve got, 30 minutes is practically a laugh. In fact, it’s so much of a laugh that it’s almost like waking up normal.

6:30am, I lay back down for my nap. This is great, I’ll be up at 7, that’s at least an hour earlier than I am normally capable of being vertical, rock on! Note: I have asked all the important questions of Biggest, IE: are you hungry etc. All were met with satisfactory answers, he’s peed, and Littlest’s just been fed. I have also told Biggest that he’s to play quietly in his room until my timer goes off. (This has been a large success most times. Come to think of it, the last time I did this, he waited politely until it went off, then came and crawled in for a snuggle.)

6:38am, Biggest: Mommy, Biggest need to poop. Ok, that’s fine. He then refuses to go until I’ve appropriately made sure his potty is clean enough to eat off of. We wait, I clean him up, I send him back to his trucks.

6:40am. Biggest: Mommy, Biggest hungry. *sigh* That’s why I asked you if you were hungry 10 minutes ago. Daddy goes and gets Biggest a little snack until I get up. At this point Hubby gets back into bed for a short snuggle, and I almost get to sleep.

7:02am. (I’ve now reset my alarm, as getting that close to sleep and being suddenly interrupted requires me to actually fall asleep to ungroggify). Biggest: Mommy, quiet time done? No, child, it’s not, you didn’t listen when I told you what was going to happen. I reiterate that he needs to wait for the timer.

7:07am. Biggest: Quiet time done yet? *sigh* Now I am unbelievably groggy, and angry to boot, as I have told him several times (not to mention the two times before the timer started), how it’s going to happen. I then repeat myself again, and remind him that he is not to interrupt Mommy’s nap unless it’s really important.

7:13am. Biggest: Mommy, Biggest needs help with socks. Me: …….. (I go help with the socks, repeat myself again, reset my alarm, go back to extreme sleepiness)

7:20am. Biggest: Mommy, glass of water! I go get the glass of water.

7:30am. I am now angry enough to no longer be groggy, but I have also realized during that last 10 minutes that if we are going to happily coexist with a sleep disorder (and just in general), that I am absolutely 100% not-going-there done with being ignored. Biggest is intelligent enough, and has shown more than enough developmental signals to be capable of understanding the directions and time frames I give him.

The rest of the morning was tense. This is an issue that’s been on-and-off for the last few months, and I’ve tried to deal with it in a gentle Mommy way, and let’s face it, it hasn’t worked. The only thing that’s happened is I get a “Sorry Mommy”, and 2 minutes later, he’s back to having everything go in one ear and out the other.

I. Am. Done.

I made some mental notes to myself. I will not repeat myself more than once unless it’s important. It’s not like I’m talking through a wall. I’m literally to the point of carefully taking his face in my hands so I can look him in the eyes to speak. If he refuses to listen to my response after that, then he is just gonna have to wait for another one. It’s also not like he actually can’t hear me, because when he wants to, he can come running all the way across the apartment after I call him.

I am pleased to report that my mental notes did better than I thought, because by afternoon nap time, I asked him to clean up his toys, and read on his bed until I was done with Littlest’s bottle. And I found him on his bed with his books, reading quietly with all his toys put away, waiting for me.

Score 1 for Mommy!


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