The Last Gasp Before Being Borgified.

Well tomorrow’s the Big Day. Which day is that, you ask? Why, my sleep study of course. And as I mentioned yesterday… I am terrified. Mostly about being turned into a Borg. So if I don’t come back, you’ll know why.

And that’s enough about that, I won’t have an update tomorrow because I’ll be in the assimilation process but hopefully I’ll live to tell you all about it on Wednesday.

So, onwards and upwards as they say!

First, it was a long night. I did get to sleep until 4:30am, but Littlest was teething so bad that we ended up putting him in the swing to sleep. During that time frame Biggest was up 4 times for #2. Poor kid. However, afterwards Biggest went back to bed for a bit (I don’t think he slept though), and when he got up, he played quietly by himself and let me sleep until 9.

In other news… Biggest has discovered himself to be hilarious, so randomly throughout today, he started doing his usual stuff, then laughing uproariously.. and repeating it.

Toes? Funny.
ย Eating his cereal? Funny.
Jumping? Funny.
Walking down the hallway? Funny.

The list goes on. In fact, the only thing about the morning he didn’t find funny was putting his shoes on. But that was because he couldn’t get them on without help. (I gave him a lesson, and in the end, I put one on, and he got the other one on all by himself.)

In other news, we were able to visit Grammy today. (That reads Mommy was exhausted and dealing with two still-partially-sick children and was offered an entire pot of coffee to come keep her company. Mommy accepted).

And that was pretty much how it went.

Also, although I knew it would work itself out, it seems that God has worked again and found us our rent money for January.

That is all.


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