Running Commentary #1

So today I decided, since it’s going to be a busy day, that I would post this update at the end of tonight, but I would add to it all day long.

6:00am – I’m awake, I’m awake, the kids need feeding, and I’ll go for a nap after everyone’s satisfied. *update* Biggest didn’t eat very many of his Cheerios, and was warned that there’d be nothing else to eat until 10am (which is snack time, we’ve had to make eating times very specific so he doesn’t snack all day, ending in no appetite for full meals).

9:30am – It’s been heck this morning. Biggest (surprise!) wanted his snack at 8, and in an effort to be consistent, I’ve had to tell him repeatedly that he has to wait until 10. In the meantime, he’s eyeballing me as though he’s planning my doom in exchange for the stale crackers sitting at my desk. On top of that, I am in the middle of feeding a screaming Littlest, and trying to find a recipe for carrot cake. I promised to bake one for my father-in-law’s birthday dinner tonight. I think this calls for a multi-tasking high five!

10:00am – YAY SNACK TIME!

10:15am – Snack time was successful for exactly 15minutes. I am absolutely sick of the attitude this morning! The attitude is kind of my fault in a way because we’ve had some 2 year old issues the last couple of days and I woke up with my “mom pants” on, and put my foot down. Needless to say, the attitude comes from Biggest’s shocked discovery that instead of getting a rise out of me, he got a firm talking to and was sent to play. I can tell you right now, it hasn’t gone over very well.

11:45am – I’m going for a nap. Biggest threw a tantrum about playing in his room, so he is now quietly playing in his bed instead of running amok.

12:15pm – Just woke up, went to go tell Biggest he could play somewhere other than his bed, and found him passed out. Guess he was tired. It also appears that Littlest went back to sleep as well. Good thing though, since I’m about to make carrot cake.

12:17pm – Went to go make carrot cake, and realized that my husband, while he was very nicely putting my groceries away, forgot to leave the butter on the counter. (I may have forgotten to ask him, however, so… it’s the butter’s fault. It totally should have been capable of opening the fridge door and taking itself back out to soften.) And now, I’m about to panic because I need soft butter to make my cake. And I don’t own a microwave.

12:24pm – Called 3 people to see what they’d suggest. I refrained from googling. *Pats back*. Genius idea from my bestie – grate the butter in a cheese grater. Off I go!

12:30pm – Worked like a charm! I put it on the stovetop while the oven is warming up to give it a little bit of heat, so it’ll cream a bit better.

12:40pm – Softened beautifully, and I’m now off to grate the carrots. Almost time for the oven!

1:30pm – Cake’s in the oven, had to call my bestie again because thanks to the butter crisis, I had no way to grease the pan. Solution? Grease with oil, then flour the sides. Bad news is… I was busy talking on the phone while I did that, and totally forgot to drain the oil, so it kinda turned the bottom of the pan into a roux. Scraped the bottom of the pan, found a little weeny bit of butter I could use, and… safe!

2:20pm – Cake took longer than planned to bake, so it’s still gonna be warm when I have to go, but it smells and looks amazing. I’m hoping it turned out ok. Now I have to make the icing, get the kids ready and head out the door so I can catch my bus. Here’s for hoping I don’t feel like I’ve been hit by 6 different trucks by the time I get out the door. Given Biggest’s attitude, I wouldn’t put it past today. Wish me luck!

8:35pm – Got lucky with the bus, made it a bit earlier than I intended, but I have to say, 2 kids, a carseat, a double stroller, an icing container, a large cake pan, a diaper bag, and a bumbo is my most impressive 3-flight-haul to date. Hubby rewarded my hauling record with a triple shot mocha. Win. Had an awesome dinner, Biggest had a large freak-out about his auntie and uncle’s weiner dog, but I was able to get it through to him that if we have a fear we need to face it (not screech and try to climb a parent, as much as I wish I could do that some days), and that Doggie had as much right to be there, and it wasn’t fair to Doggie to be put outside in the cold because he couldn’t be brave, and that it was Doggie’s house too, and Doggie was to Auntie what Lizard was to Grammie. So he was brave, and I explained to him what she was doing and that he needed to be quiet around her so she didn’t get scared, and every time he got near her he gave me this terrified look and then repeated to himself “Soft like Fuzz-Fuzz” “Soft like Fuzz-Fuzz” “HI DOGGIE!”. I only had to remind him to be brave once. Also, Fuzz-Fuzz is his almost favorite-est critter on his bed, and happens to be.. a doggie. Way to go Biggest! Mommy is proud of you! In other news, Littlest does not appreciate my cooking after 5 days in a row, and my cake turned out amazing.

Good night!


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