The Craziness Begins Again

First off: I’m back. Just in case it wasn’t obvious. (It’d be hard to explain a new post without being back). I had a million ideas about how I was gonna do “the return” post, but now that I’m writing, I’m not really sure where to start. So I guess I’ll just spew, and see where it goes. That usually turns out well. *crosses fingers*

The step back was quite useful, I needed it more than I realized. Side note: I’m one of those people that checks Facebook every 5 minutes out of habit. It’s a habit I’m in the process of changing, mainly because it annoys the crap out of me to find myself staring at it without meaning to be there. I’m also one of those people who gets really disappointed when my notification count reads 0 (because I checked it 2 minutes ago), but that disappointment tends to hang out for a bit (probably because I’m exhausted and half asleep). So. That’s going to receive a very thoughtful punt out of the proverbial window. In not having Facebook to check, I was able to concentrate on other things. Like the bottom of my coffee cup.

What else went on this week? (Be warned, a lot happens when I try not to write about it!)

I was gifted Netflix by my darling hubby as an early birthday/Christmas gift, and promptly sat Biggest down to watch the Magic School Bus. Which, by the way, was as awesome as I remember. We also started watching Chuck & Friends. So far, it’s earned the ridiculously prestigious title of Only Children’s Show That Hasn’t Made My Eyes Fall Out (Besides Ones Made In The Nineties). It’s a pretty high honor. That has led to many breakfast discussions, including an extremely thoughtful one on Wednesday.

Biggest: watch School Bus A-Show? (He thinks that “show” is pronounced “a-show” due to me describing it as “a show”.)
Me: Sure, we can watch the school bus show.

Biggest: watch Garbage Truck A-Show?

Me: Yep, we can watch that one too.

Biggest: Ok, then Zhombies after. And City (that’s Sim City)! That sound good idea?

Me: That is way too adorable to say no, what should I do, what should I do? Ah screw it, it’ll be fine today. Yes, that does sound like a good idea.

I had the follow-up appointment with my specialist. He pretty much told me what I suspected: it was likely that I had what my mom has, but thanks to the two anxiety attacks, toddler-in-extremely-suspicious-situation-esque silence, headache, and subsequent lack of sleep, he said that my results were technically inconclusive. He gave me 3 options: do nothing (hell no!), take it again (not gonna happen unless I can make a long recording of non-silence), or try medication and meet again in 2 months to see how it went. I chose option 3, partly due to having to travel out of town for the lab, and further out of town again for another results appointment. Day 1 of “the pill” is today, and so far, it’s been marvelous. I woke up at 5:50am, which has been standard (albeit painful) for the last week, took my pill, and I woke up in…. 10 minutes. That hasn’t happened since I was 10. Score! I am well aware that it may just be excitement or optimism talking, and one day isn’t an accurate assessment, but as far as I’m concerned, any day that I’m not exhausted or groggy or napping is a good day.

Littlest sat up. He doesn’t get himself there, as he seems to prefer laying down, leaning, rolling, reaching, or satisfying his fascination with his feet, but once you sit him up, he’ll stay there.

I further confirmed a successful transition to solids. Littlest starts 3 feedings tomorrow.

My next book arrived, and It. Is. Awesome.

Biggest discovered that saying please gets him stuff. There is nothing worse than eating your bowl of cereal and realizing that your 2-year-old is looking at you with a rapturous face going “peas??”. It’s really difficult to say no. Clearly I am going to have to dig to the depths of my willpower to make sure he doesn’t realize just how difficult.

I said goodbye to the Google habit. The only thing I’m googling now is the Finale of America’s Next Top Model. (don’t judge! It’s my Saturday morning laundry show, and one of the only guilty pleasures I have).

We are well on our way to adjusting to the new schedule I set out for Biggest and Littlest, and it’s done wonders for all of us. Biggest and Littlest now wake up at the same time, but happy, I am actually getting housework done, and if this whole “wake up in 10 minutes” thing continues, I’ll be back to my baking storm shortly.

Speaking of which, I found a “batter bread” recipe that I actually managed to make happen. Shock!

Littlest is starting sippy cups.

Lastly, Biggest outgrew our double stroller. It happened yesterday, and I almost died on the spot. I brainstormed with Hubby, my sister, and my mom, and we settled on purchasing the Britax B-Agile single stroller, and the new Britax carrier system. Using a single stroller means that I can have Biggest walk without sacrificing storage (I was previously using a small umbrella stroller if Biggest was walking), and it’s still light enough to carry down the stairs (weighing in at a mere 16.5lbs). It also has an extremely high weight limit (55lbs) and is quite tall (leg room!) so if Biggest needs a break, I can still let him ride for a bit (it even has a harness that doesn’t need re-threading for a quick change over). On this note, Littlest also outgrew his car seat at the same time, and is now too wiggly for the Moby Wrap because he wants to see everything (the only downside to the Moby is the inability to safely front-face). Hence the new carrier. The carrier will also help me out with getting everything down the stairs, and it’s small enough to stow in the buggy after. I almost dropped Littlest three times trying to juggle everything yesterday. The only thing left is to save enough money to get it (story of my life!).

And that, my dear peoples, is that.


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