Monday, monday, monday…

Happy Monday everyone!

My week has started off on a good note, albeit an odd one.

Biggest and Littlest both woke up at 4:30am. Generally speaking, this is not a good way to go, as Biggest doesn’t usually go back to sleep, since he wakes up between 5:30 and 6:00 anyway. On this occasion, however, Littlest only woke up because his diaper was soggy and his gums were sore (he’s getting more teeth!), so a short pat on the bum put him back into heavy-breathing-staring-into-space-almost-asleep-ville, so he went into his bed with nary a hungry-esque mutter. Score 1 for a good morning! Biggest woke up because Littlest was upset, so a short backrub for him put him back into a resting state. (Although he was still unlikely to be asleep again, he’s really great at laying down and resting until I come to get him. Can you tell he often wakes up earlier than he should?) I went back to bed, praying like mad and crossing my fingers that he wouldn’t ask if it was time to get up every 15 minutes.

Queue 6:45am. Biggest fell back asleep, and I got an extra 45 minutes of sleep too! Score 2 for a good morning! He’s now singing to himself in the tub, after a happy morning of Magic School Bus and Zhombies, and I’m about to have some coffee.

In other news, I have recently realized just how busy a Mommy of 2 can actually be! My whole week is booked solid. The last three days alone have been mindboggling! Saturday was a family dinner, including the Poppy-in-Law and Grammy and Pappy. (It turned out great by the way! Roast Venison, Parmesan mashed potatoes, mashed carrots and rutabaga with brown sugar, and whipped cream stuffed chocolate cupcakes for dessert! Delicious!) Yesterday was my usual houseclean for my mother, followed by crazy Christmas planning, and a return trip last night to finish up our shopping list. Add that to the rest of the stuff I did last week, and I am a walking Zhombie. Well sort of. The pills are doing their job, so at least I’m not groggy on top of being tired.

Speaking of Christmas… After my Christmas dilemma (you can find that post here if you missed it), I got to thinking. With the help of Pinterest, Google, my mom, and my bestie’s inbox spam, I’ve found several gifts that I can give each kiddo… and it all works out to less than $10 each. I’m not gonna tell in case they don’t turn out, but I’m pretty impressed. (Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be one of those epic Pinterest fails you hear about… you know… the ones where it doesn’t even look like the same project by the time it’s done?) I thought I’d take the opportunity to focus on showing Biggest that he and Littlest are equals, while being unique, and I included a couple of gifts that will be for both of them, as well as a gift that’s similar, but with each of them getting one. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And with that, my coffee remains unmade (which is truly a disaster) and my child is getting extremely restless (read: noisy) in the tub, so I’m off to go rescue him (and make the Java!). Also, on a side note, apparently Biggest is capable of stepping into and out of the tub on his own (and by “on his own” I mean he’s holding a hand but I don’t need to lift him in anymore.) When did that kid get so big?

Oh yeah, and I’m going to attempt Kaiser buns today, I’ll let you know how THAT goes too… 

Have yourself a great Monday!

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