Deep Breath! 3… 2… 1… Go!

Strap yourselves in, peoples! Thanks to the significant lack of updates recently, this may turn into a long drive. Theoretically speaking, of course. Ready? (I’d love to dare you all to read the entire update as fast as you can while holding your breath, but I think you’d inevitably turn blue and pass out, so I won’t.) Go!

First, it’s been a very long few weeks because I’ve been adjusting to that new medication I mentioned. The good news is… it’s still working! However, I have had my entire life turned upside down because of what it does to me. You’ll need to understand, I normally don’t do pills. I try natural remedies, herbal supplements, vitamins, nasty-tasting oils, and various other things that may or may not explode an eyeball, put hair on your chest, or make you faint from texture alone. That being said, there is no natural supplement for a sleep disorder. (I’ve looked.) So, with the pharmaceuticals being the only solution unless I want to drool my way through the day, I’ve been forced to accommodate side effects. Most of them are minor, and several of them have actually improved my situation on top of the original use.

Example #1: I now eat breakfast like I’m supposed to. Why? Because if I take my pill without food, I turn into a hyper SOB, then become extremely nauseous. Also, lack of appetite is common with this medication, and I’m skinny to begin with, so I don’t need anything interfering with my diet.

 Example #2: I wake up at appropriate times, and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Why? Because if I don’t, I sweat like I’m in the middle of menopause, toss and turn, and disrupt both my sleep and my poor husband’s. Also, if I wake up late and miss my normal time to take my pill, it doesn’t work as well because the later I get up, the groggier I feel. I also get dizzy.

Example #3: I drink a ton of water, and skip the coffee most days. Why? Dry mouth is a common side effect. I don’t get dry mouth, but I do get THIRSTY! Score for hydration! Also, if I drink my coffee too early, that hyperness I was mentioning turns into nothing short of Hammie off the movie Over The Edge… you know… the part where he slows time down because he’s running so fast? Yeah…

Back to business. Thanks to all of that nonsense, I’ve had to entirely readjust my morning routine. I’m happy to report, though, that it’s working out really well, and Biggest has settled down immensely.

Well, mostly. In the course of the adjusting, I’ve had a chance to fully interact with him, and I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve been had. Biggest has been awfully sneaky about it, and since my head has been literally in Dreamville, he’s gotten away with it. That being said, with my head out of la-la-land, I’ve been able to adjust our interactions for the better. Keep in mind that I do not blame him in the least for some of the attitudes he’s had. It’s somewhat difficult when your mother is asleep sitting up.

We now break for an inordinate amount of fuss because it’s lunch time. When it rains, it pours. *sigh* Excuse me.

Ok, I’m back. Biggest is discovering the joy of dipping apples into cinnamon sugar, and Littlest is learning that patience is the start of politeness. Speaking of Littlest, he has recently discovered his taste is on the gourmet side. Meaning, of course, that he doesn’t like the “toddler approved” grocery store finger foods. The only one’s he’s been willing to eat have been the expensive ones without additives. (Which makes me happy, in a way, because I’m not a fan of the additives to begin with, and the only reason I bought those ones was because I couldn’t find anything else… So… homemade it is!)

In other news, Littlest said his first two words yesterday. Those being, of course, mama and dada. It was kind of nice this morning though, because he greeted me with “Mama!”.

On the Christmas front, it’s just under a month away, and I’m happy to say, I’ve done my entire Christmas for $25. I’m pretty proud of myself, come to think of it. Both Biggest and Littlest will be getting 4 gifts each, aside from anything anyone else may buy, and it’s all going to be homemade.

Which brings me to *gasp* a big announcement. *urk* I… have taken up… *gulp*… hand-sewing and *eep* (liked it). *egad* You understand, however, that I have a reputation to maintain (ha!) and will deny it to my dying day. Ok, maybe not really, how else are you supposed to be excited about projects unless you share? Fine, I’ll just admit it. I LIKE HAND-SEWING! There. All better. Reputation ruined. *waves* Bye rep, nice knowing you!

Moving on.

My last blurb today, so that you don’t actually pass out (if you really did hold your breath while trying to read it all), is on a serious note. Mostly. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be serious after having a conversation between yourself and your reputation. But I will try.

I’m a little sad this holiday season. A lot of us are having money troubles in some way or another. Admittedly, Christmas typically gives you money troubles from all the shopping. If you go by how many gifts you buy for people, there’s always another something that so-and-so would love. If you go by a dollar value, there’s always more money that could be spent. Or you could be trying to find something else for that person that you could only find one thing for (it was on sale!) but they’re going to feel gypped because everyone else has $50 worth. All normal troubles for this time of year. My sadness, though, comes in how many people have forgotten that it’s about more than gifts. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much a gift cost, or how many gifts you gave, but the thought behind it. It’s disheartening. Which brings me to…

25 Days of Non-Gift-Related Thankfulness, available on Twitter under @GnomesGnow, or on the Gnomes Gnow’s Facebook page. If you haven’t already, you can like it here! (By liking it, you’ll also get links to updates as they happen, instead of expending that minute bit of extra energy to find the blog manually.) Day 1 will be starting on December 1.

And with that, Biggest is completely covered in cinnamon sugar and it’s naptime here. Which means that it’s naptime for me too! Yes!

You can exhale now.


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