Welcome to Preschool

It was sneaky! It was devious! It was clever! It was… Who am I kidding? I blinked and it happened. No sneakiness, deviousness, or cleverness about it. What am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about Biggest turning into a preschooler, of course!

I’ll say it again, just in case you didn’t catch that.

Biggest. Is. Officially. A. Preschooler.

Honestly, I’m a bit mind-boggled. I didn’t expect this stage to happen for at least another 6 months to a year. My feelings of faintness aside, this is exciting! He is now…

Showing an interest in trying to read. (This is awesome, but really difficult when I’m reading a book and he wants to know what all the words say and mean. Often times I’ll be in a good part, a head will sprout, and he’ll excitedly shout “LOOK MOMMY! Y! THAT’S A Y!”)

Showing a significant interest in counting and numbers. Keep in mind that he doesn’t watch much TV so he’s had to learn about counting and numbers from me alone. Old-fashioned but true, and while he can’t recite them, now that he’s showing an interest in them, he’s trying to actually put them together and wants to understand their function.

Learning how to make his bed. He’s been getting into things lately because he’s been bored, so I gave him something to do. It’s been helping to reinforce playtime as a privilege and gives him something constructive to accomplish when he’s got an excess of energy. It doesn’t have a set time he has to do it, but typically it’s done in the morning at some point.

Helping with dishes, baking, and cleaning of the table. This relates to his boredom. He’s the kind of kid that will get destructive when he’s not challenged, and this has given him a reason to avoid crushing his crackers and paint with the leftover yogurt. On that note, I’m getting him to help bake so he can still be creative with his food without wasting it.

Learning table manners. Trying to use manners keeps him occupied on something while he’s eating, and will hopefully reduce dinner fuss.

Interacting more coherently. (Well… coherent is one of those things that has a high degree of subjectivity. With him being a boy, I still don’t understand what on earth he’s talking about when he’s playing by himself. I doubt that will change for a while! However, in his dealings with Hubby and I, he’s becoming extremely clear.)

This may not sound that exciting to everyone else, but really, I’m beside myself. My little boy’s getting big!

Mommy out!


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