The Gnomes Seem To Have A Thing For Cosmetic Procedures

That is to say, The Gnomies got a facelift.

I’ve had a bit of a struggle with this beast the last few weeks.

Do I only write when something funny actually happens? If I do, should I wait until my children come up with enough one-liners, and make a conglomeration? Do I leave the bad-day posts in my head? Should I bare it all? Should I feel bad if I don’t post for a week because it was miserable? So many questions. So little answers.

Which is why I came to the conclusion…


Excuse me. Sorry. My bad. I have this annoying mad-scientist-turned-evil-genius that gets let out every now and again. I’ll have to give it a talking to. After all, we don’t want everyone to know it exists.

Anyway… It was a dumb thing to worry about. You’re just gonna have to be stuck with those days that get out of hand, and those days that have you on the floor going “oh wine, please wine. Or maybe a hammer, please a hammer!”, and those days where you’re on the floor laughing because you just can’t understand how whatever-it-was did whatever-it-did and is now however-it-is. Consider yourself…. warned..

On that note, back to the cosmetic procedures these gnomes keep enjoying. Several of the Gnome’s pages have been updated, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the new template. I kind of like it. I even posted a teeny-weeny-tiny-itty-bitty picture of Biggest and Littlest. If you’d like to see it in detail, windows has a lovely feature built in that allows you to magnify the screen. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I could do. I tried everything to make it bigger, but it was either bigger, or the template. And since I have the original picture in huge, ginormous detail, I went with the template. The magnifier can be found in the accessories folder, followed by the ease of access folder.


Oops, there it is again. Just ignore it, I’m sure it will go away. (Maybe.)

In other news, I’ve nailed down what my mom and I are making Biggest for Christmas. It’s this awesome thing known as a “quiet book”. It’s a fabric book full of magnetic/velcro activities, all enclosed in itself, and it’s perfect for taking to a restaurant or on a car trip. If I can figure out (don’t hate me!) how to post a picture in this thing, I’ll even put it up for you to see when it’s done. In the meantime, you can check out my final choices for pages here. It’s super cool! We’re changing it up a bit though, and doing the variations already noted, as well as making it out of corduroy and special printer paper that will be attached to felt. That will give us an excellent base to work with, and will cut down some of the cost and time needed to make every little piece out of felt. (Do you know how much all that felt would cost?? I’d be broke! Oh wait…) Typically if you buy these off of a site like Etsy, you’d pay anywhere from $50 – $150 for one, so I am happy to attempt one myself. He’s also getting a sock alligator, a homemade beanbag chair, and a destress bottle. I don’t know how well the destress bottle is going to go, but if he won’t use it, I definitely will.

As for Littlest, he’s getting velcro stacking blocks, a sensory rattle (several different items and colors in a bottle), a homemade taggy lion, and a sock dinosaur.

Best part? I got all of my supplies for $25.

And with that, I’ve got to go. Littlest is attempting to talk to his Daddy (although that may be a ruse to get to the cheerios on the floor) and Biggest is on his way to Troubleville with the attitude that seems to be brewing. Must attempt to communicate with the testosteronated children. Wish me luck, and enjoy the new site!


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