Snow And Other Things

Snow! Snow, snow, snow, snow! Can you tell I’m excited about it? We almost never get snow here, and if we do, it’s usually after Christmas. That being said, with how little we do get, there’s always two groups of people talking about it. The first group hates it. It stalls things up because people don’t know how to drive in it. They suddenly have to shovel their driveway instead of backing up through the puddles. They have to scrape the car, find the mittens, bring out the snow boots; in a word, it’s a hassle. Then you have my group. We love it. It reminds us of all the fun we had as a kid. It changes up the scenery, lends a festive air to the holidays, and gives us a reason to take a little time aside or some fun. (Since I don’t drive, it’s a little easier to enjoy, especially since walking everywhere gets tedious sometimes, and snow breaks the monotony.)

When I found out there was snow outside, I grabbed Biggest and took him to the patio to inspect it. I made a snowball, brought it inside the door so he could see, and… He thought it was awesome! Good, he’s definitely my kid. I would have been horrified if he hadn’t liked it. (Not that there’s anything wrong with disliking snow, but if he didn’t like it, it would be torture when I send him outside to play as he gets older.) The conversation post-snowball went something like this…

Biggest: Ooooo snow?
Me: Yep, snow!
Biggest: Fuzzy?
Me: Mmmmm… Yeah I guess it is kind of fuzzy.
Biggest: Ohhh, fuzzy!
Me: I think it’s wet fuzzy though.
Biggest: Ohhh ok. Wet fuzzy?
Me: Yeah, wet fuzzy.

Not how I would have described it, but I guess it kind of fits.

In other news, you know how, when you’re younger, you tell yourself “I’ll never say that to my kids”? And when you are actually a parent, you say every last one of them? Yeah, I’ve come to that point.

“Fingers out of your nose!” – Check
“Sit on your bum!” – Check
“Either find something to do, or I will find something for you, and you won’t like it.” – Check
“Don’t talk with your mouth full!” – Check
“Be quiet!” – Check
“Wash your hands!” – Check
“I can be nice or I can be nasty.” – Check
“Go to your room!” – Check
“You need to go play before your attitude gets you in trouble.” – Check
“Don’t play with your food.” – Check
“Keep your hands to yourself.” – Check
“Be gentle.” – Check

The list goes on and on and on.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my oatmeal’s stone cold, and I’m eating it with a fork. It’s going to take every part of my concentration to finish it. Wish me luck!


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