Sew, Sew, Sew Your Gifts…

Quickly Down The Seams…

This is going to be the only respite for a while today. As some of you know, I’m more broke than Humpty Dumpty, and it is, of course, Christmas in 2 weeks. So, me being the overachieving “genius” that I am, decided to make all my Christmas gifts. Not that I’m regretting my decision, but with 2 weeks to go, I have a lot left to do. I keep forgetting that Christmas sneaks up on you. There’s so many fun things to do in the season that before you know it, it’s only a few days away. And every year, you think to yourself “I’m not gonna do this next year!”… You know what I’m talking about right?

“I’m going to wrap everything as I buy it so it doesn’t turn into a late Christmas Eve wrap-a-thon that ends in garbage bags and duct tape.”

“I’m going to do all my shopping before December so I don’t have to elbow my way through the Wal-Mart crowds. Better yet, I’ll even shop online so I can have it shipped right to my door!”

“I’m going to do all my projects in November so I can enjoy the festivities (while laughing at all the poor sots still trying to purchase things in those disastrous line-ups).”

“I’m going to pre-make all my cookie dough and freeze it so all I have to do is pull it out and bake it.”

“I’m going to set aside a bit of money every month so I don’t have to worry about finances when I’m buying my gifts.”

You’re probably all laughing now, either because you’ve done it, or because you can picture me doing it. Breathe easy, I’m laughing at myself too, because those were the exact resolutions I made last year. Here’s what actually happened.

“Wrap everything as I buy it? I don’t even have wrapping paper yet.”

“Online shopping? Don’t you need room on a credit card for that?”

“I didn’t even start thinking about projects until the end of November, and I’ve got 2 kids! I’ll be sewing right up to Christmas Eve, you can count on it. I’m also going to be secretly wishing I could be one of those sots, because they’ll still have fingers, instead of perforated hand endings.”

“My freezer’s so tiny, I can barely fit the steaks we’re having next week. Not to mention, all my baking time is currently being taken up with perforating my fingers.”

“I didn’t have much money to set aside, and I probably thought about it until January 2. It’s one of those things I really wish I’d stuck to, because if I had, I wouldn’t be in this mess. I would have a budget to spend, instead of projects I had to think up in a hurry.”

I figure, if I plan next year to do it all on Christmas Eve, I’ll get everything done the way I originally wanted to. Reverse psychology works on Murphy’s Law right? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have laundry to do. After that, I’m going to curl up in a chair with all my sewing, and my Muppets Bandaids (they have Beaker on them!) and pray like mad I still have fingers left at the end of it.

Did I mention that I stupidly decided hand sewing would be easier than borrowing my mom’s machine?


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