Verily, Verily, Verily, Verily…

Craft Gel Has A Sheen!

In continuation of my self-inflicted misery yesterday, I am coming to you live from my mother’s sewing room. I’m going to let you in on a secret. I took one look at my sewing basket, almost opened the lid… and fled to the phone where I begged my mother on my proverbial knees to allow me access to her sewing machine. Just when I thought my thread spool was winding it’s way around the basket lock (clearly to try and consume me whole), she agreed.

HA! Take that thread! I win this round!

I’m pretty sure it’s still biding it’s time in there, though. It’s the stuff of nightmares, honest. In an effort to preserve my fingers (and my Band-Aid supply), I bundled the kids up, did a whirlwind houseclean (the likes of which are only thought of in legend), and ran out the door. Well, more like turtled, kids tend to cause certain… delays. Thankfully, we arrived just in time for lunch and a nap. Let me tell you, naps are wonderful for productivity.

I’m going to let you in on another secret. I stooped. In fact, I stooped so low, that I shudder to think of it. How low is “low” you ask? Treehouse low. That’s right people. Biggest got up and *gulp* I put on *gasp* the… *urk* Treehouse channel. Complete with fancy commercials, lights, whiny children called “Caillou”, and various other things that pain me to even think of. But you know what? Treehouse is also wonderful for productivity. Not that you heard it from me. (I feel like I’ve gone to the dark side… corrupted forever, destined only to don a mask and say in a breathy, partially mechanical voice “Biggest, I am your mother.”)

Dear Lord, forgive me.

Now, I think it best that we just ignore the admission I just made, and move on to the fact that regardless of how I obtained said productivity, I still have a mountain of crafts to do, and craft gel, while it does have a sheen, has a very short time frame in which to work with it.

The Handler.


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