Missing Medication Monday (December 9 Blog Dare)

 This update is written for the Blog Dare December 2013, hosted by Bloggy Moms.

The entire season took a deep breath and held it. Honestly, I wasn’t sure the world would continue, never mind the rest of the holidays. Oh, I’m sure no one else would have noticed, but this morning, well…

I should explain. The last two days have been incredibly crazy. Crazy enough, in fact, to have “craftily” used a nursery rhyme in not one, but two separate updates. (Please forgive the pun!) Two trips to Grammy’s and back tend to make one tired, but I thought I was handling it rather well. Until I woke up this morning. Wanna know why the holidays almost didn’t continue?


Not only did I forget it, I forgot it at Grammy’s. So there I was, relaxing in my bed, thinking Biggest would be happy to play a little while with his trucks, so I could get a little more sleep.

Hang on, it’s 6am, I should probably go get my pill. What day is it today? Oh right, it’s Monday. Good thing I filled that prescription on Friday. Uh…. 

Here’s where I bolt out of my bed in a dead panic, realizing that there isn’t anything left in my pill container and my new bottle is a 20 minute walk (sans kids) away. Here’s where I also realize that my husband has his worst midterm to prepare for this morning, and I have to bundle both of them down 4 flights of stairs into a freezing cold, still dark morning. Here’s where I also realize that the pill I’m supposed to take is going to turn my day into hell (IE: shaky hands, hot/cold flashes, possibly some sweating) if I don’t take it in the next hour, which means I don’t have time for breakfast until after we get back.

A quick, apologetic call to my poor sleeping parents secured the location of said prescription so I didn’t have to rummage around in their house, potentially causing my dad to call the police or my mother to conk me on the noggin with her cast-iron pan collection. A quick, heaven-sent thank you for Littlest’s 4am bottle (it ensured his safe non-vocal cooperation until we returned for his cereal), and I had my children out the door in what should be known as a household record. 5 minutes. Biggest didn’t even have a hissy fit about putting his pants on. (Side note: What is it with boys and not wanting to put their pants on? As a kid, I would have rather been dunked into a volcano than go without pants.)

Half way there, my panic receded just enough to slow down so Biggest could walk instead of run. Thank heavens I gave him a banana before we left. I remembered that my mouth was capable of something other than gasping for air and Biggest and I proceeded to enjoy the rest of the walk. I don’t think Littlest cared, he seemed more interested in the sound his vocal cords made when we went over all the ice bumps. As I was telling him we wouldn’t be staying at Grammy’s, that they were still sleeping, and that I was just going to get my medication, Biggest surprised me. Normally we call it my wake-up pill, so medication was a new word to him. I was about to mention the cool truck we were passing, and all of a sudden, he said it. The whole entire word, all the syllables, perfectly. That’s my boy!

The rest was uneventful. We made it home. I took my pill. We had breakfast. I had a nap.

Note to self: put pill bottle in pocket after getting prescription filled, rather than putting it in a nondescript bag. It will be forgotten when we’re done shopping.

The season can continue. (Yay!)

The Handler.


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