The Day Littlest Started Flopping Like A Fish

First of all, I should let you all know that both my kids have been slow to develop gross motor skills, such as sitting, standing, crawling, and walking. It hasn’t been on the top of their priority lists. Well, that’s not entirely accurate… Slow implies challenged, but really, they’ve both been plain stubborn about it, although for what reason, I honestly have no idea.

Biggest refused to move outright. He was far more interested in what his fingers could do (and find) than where he could go. He’s also one of those kids who wants to be certain of things before showing them off, so even when he did start moving, he never let us see him.

Sitting? This didn’t happen until he started moving. He was content to be placed in a sitting position with toys nearby. Even if you placed them just out of arm’s length, he’d find a way to stay in the same spot. I’m pretty sure he had Inspector Gadget arms.

Standing? The only tip off I received was his mobile being dismantled. I found him on his back with the alligator next to him, happy as a clam. Clearly because he’d figured out how to get to it.

Moving? He sprouted places. Literally. Not only that, it wasn’t crawling. He scooched on his bum. I’d like to point out that it’s extremely unnerving, thinking your kid doesn’t move. Especially when he’s suddenly halfway across the living room.

Walking? I watched him take 2 steps once, and to this day, I have no idea how he got so good at it, because I never ever saw him do it again. Until one time where he tried walking to somebody, and randomly continued to walk (very surefooted too, I might add!) elsewhere after he made it to the person in question.

Now with Littlest, he’s still stubborn, but it’s completely different.

Sitting? He refuses. He’s got the muscle control, but he’s more content to sit up, grab a toy, and throw himself back into a laying position so he can chew on it. Apparently he prefers the ease of tasting that laying down provides.

Standing? Not a chance. Why? Because he gets so excited that he bounces non-stop. You really can’t get sturdy on legs that don’t stop springing. Especially since he prefers to bounce like he does in his exerciser thingy, and half jump on his toes.

Moving? He flops like a fish. At least I can see him do it. He has no interest in crawling. I mean, why bother crawling when you can roll onto your side, touch your toes, fling your stomach forward, and pretend like you’re a fish while you’re at it? He does these dizzying cartwheel-esque patterns across the floor, and he’s incredibly efficient at it. So much so that I found him gnawing on my headphones that were half a room away because I looked away for 30 seconds.

Walking? No idea how that’s gonna go, he has to stop pretending to be a slinky first.

The Handler.


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