The Light… It Burns!

*whew* Well hello everyone, and happy Tuesday. It’s been a mind-bogglingly busy weekend for me, hence the lack of updates. So many things happened, in all honesty, that I have no idea where to begin. (This seems like a familiar line to me…) I will apologize in advance, as my poor noggin is unbelievably fuzzy, and I seem to be experiencing some photosensitivity from emerging out of the sewing room.

I guess we’ll start with that fuzzy noggin thing. Note to self: If you have a sleep disorder, do NOT, for any reason, decide that it will be a good idea to stay up late with the idea of having a nap in the morning. Not for that extra episode of Stargate (guilty!). Not for that extra stitch. (guilty!). Not even to spend extra time with your husband because you were away all day. (guilty!). It will leave you with a fuzzy head that rivals the worst hangover you ever had. (Yes, even that Fireball hangover that left you scarred to the point of never drinking it again.) Belatedly, I have realized that it’s going to take me at least a week of going to bed early to undo the damage my zealousness has caused. I am praying to God it doesn’t affect my ability to go crazy with the baking, because honestly, that would be tragic.

Moving along… my projects are almost done! Thanks to a couple of full days spent with my mother locked up in her basement sewing room, I just have finishing touches. We had to redo our list a couple times, and knock a couple of projects off of it altogether, but the ones we decided were still applicable have been mostly completed. It was easier to get rid of a couple on the account that my sister and fiance are coming in January for “January-mas”, and we needed a couple gifts for then. (Conveniently allowing us to continue sewing after Christmas.) I can’t wait to put pictures up, although I will warn you now, I’m going to conveniently tailor the photos to be in a direction that hides my hand-stitching.

On to the next subject, I finally got the referral to the Children’s Hospital 3 towns away, for Littlest’s bladder valve thing. I would be excited, but alas, I am not. Why? Because they gave me just under 3 weeks to arrange travel, and those 3 weeks include not 1, not 2, but 5 statutory holidays. Add that to the fact that I don’t drive… And you have me with an anxiety attack. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but there you have it. (I typed out an entire paragraph of details, and it morphed into something that tried to crawl it’s way out of the monitor to eat me. I thought I’d better delete it so I wouldn’t endanger the general populace.)

Carrying on, I got my gift early, as my hubby took me to The Hobbit. It was epic. The only downside was that I drank too much and had something known as “movie bladder”. “Movie bladder” is a condition where you drink the extra-large beverage you ordered because you don’t want to waste it, and find you have to pee right when it gets to the good part. You then spend the next 10 minutes hoping the movie will end so you can go, realize it’s just not ending, remove yourself to the bathroom, and come back to see the start of the credits. I should point out that, having read the book, I spent a good 10 minutes of the ending trying to figure out where they would leave off. It made “movie bladder” that much worse, because the ending was so magnanimous that every 30 seconds there was something else amazing happening, and, to my water-logged brain, looked like a perfect cut scene to leave the audience in suspense until the final movie comes out. Lucky for me, I clued in to the fact that it clearly had other scenes coming, and I was able to avoid the most devastating part of “movie bladder”. I came back to another 10 minutes of the movie, instead of the credit roll. (I don’t think I have ever used the washroom that fast in my entire life… except maybe the end of an ultrasound.)

Off I go.

The Handler.


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