It’s Done!

It’s finally finished! I still have a couple of bits and pieces left to do on the other projects, but Biggest’s Quiet Bag is done. I even have pictures. See?

I even numbered everything so I could show you what they were. Not that I’m excited or anything…
#1 is a playbook with finger puppets. He’s got a cat, baby bird, frog, turtle and sun. They even have little “homes” they can be put into. “Homes” means pockets, FYI.
#2 is a connect-the-dots lacing maze. All of the numbers except 0 and 10 are removable and repositionable. Thank heavens for velcro dots.
#3 is an I-Spy board. I’d like to take this opportunity to take back anything I have previously griped about in accordance with my mother’s button collection. It is awesome. The end.
#4 is several little baggies of awesomeness. One is felt fish and plants to make underwater scenes, another is alphabets and basic fractions, and that big caterpillar you see is a “sequencer”. By sequencer I mean that, once I add the velcro dots, there’s a whole bunch of little shapes to make patterns with.
#5 is an emergency stash. My mom made a zipper pouch for all of it, but there’s stickers, drawing equipment, and a memory game made out of cardstock in there. You know, for when everything else fails and you’re desperate.
#6 is the best thing ever invented: a paper city. My mom was looking on the internet one day, and happened upon this site called He has free printables for download (everything from this little wonder to coloring pages and paper toys) and is an excellent children’s artist, partly because he’s a parent. I mean, who wouldn’t love this guy? He made little catapults for his kids when they got busy with dinner spoons, and made his son a paper slingshot when he was bored one morning. Anyway, I digress. He has a template for a printable paper city that folds up to stand, and I fell in love with it. He didn’t have this template in a small size, but since he had other ones, I thought I’d try making this one itty bitty by printing it at 50% of normal size. It now fits in a glorified mint tin.

#7 is a set of owls from the same website, off of one of his coloring pages. I printed them out, cut them out, colored them, and cut them in half. It’s not shown, but there’s a little magnet board in this set, and these owls are now two piece magnet puzzles. The owls are resting on the board for #4’s activities, and is made out of corduroy, which just happens to be stickier than anything I have ever seen.
And there you have it. I’m so proud of myself, but before I get carried away… I would like to say a huge thank you to my mother, as she had a rather large hand in the logistics as well as the sewing, and provided many of the materials, since she already had them, and she graciously bought some of what we didn’t. I couldn’t ask for a more generous person. Seriously. (Love you Mommy!)
All in all, though, considering that she had a majority of the materials, it cost less than $50 bucks to make.
Now to get back to the other projects, time waits for no person, and since it was brought to my attention that I only have 5 days to go, well… Ludicrous speed activated! Also, I have no wrapping paper, so I’ll have to remedy that.
The Handler.

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