Where The Heck Is My House?

And where did all that stuff come from?

Excuse me, it took me a second to find my keyboard. In reality, my house looks like it blew up. I have stuff everywhere. Admittedly, that’s what happens when half the family goes to another city overnight, and the other half has a child to look after while traveling to classes. Add Janumas and visiting, and you have, well… the whole “Where the heck is my house and where did all that stuff come from??” question. Honestly, it’s a disaster. One second.

I couldn’t find Littlest. Apparently, he wanted to read the newspaper in Biggest’s train fort. Considering the fact that he currently rolls around, and doesn’t seem to have another method of transportation, I don’t want to know how he got in there.

Thanks to the mess, I have a hugely long, rather elaborate task ahead of me.

 Littlest is reading the newspaper again.

That is, I have to unbury my house. There’s dishes to do, laundry to hang, bathrooms to clean, bags to unpack, gifts to put away, cheerios to vacuum….

Littlest is trying to eat the Christmas tree. He’s since been rescued, much to his dismay.

In other news, as I’m sure you didn’t tune in just for my chore list, we got a great report from Littlest’s specialist appointment! According to the pediatric urologist, it’s unclear whether his initial UTI was just a contamination of the sample or an actual infection. Between that, and the lack of evidence in favor of a tube blockage (Nothing showed up in my prenatal ultrasounds, and both the specialist and a radiologist had a look at the tests already done without finding anything worrying.), he’s fine! That means no more out-of-town visits! However, I was given a course of action to take in the event of a second UTI. Good enough for me!

Littlest thought he was being sneaky and is now cranky as I have recovered him from underneath the tree again.

Last bit of excitement, we had Janumas yesterday and it was lovely! We had a couple people over for dinner, which was rotisserie’d venison backstrap, mashed potatoes, hot crab dip with focaccia bread, baked salmon, and ginger stout cake, raspberry brownies, and Yule log for dessert. I’m still full this morning. Janumas is officially…

Pardon, Littlest is going to be persistent about the tree. We are now having a full-on tantrum about his removal. It’s really odd to see a tantrum coming out of someone who still won’t sit up.

Janumas is officially going to become a tradition.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think my sink has started verbalizing, and the litter on the floor is threatening to turn into something resembling the Ghostbuster’s Slime Apparition.

The Handler.



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