Well this is Awkward.

A couple of days ago, I posted about Crab Level 5. I figured that after a couple of days being shut in with the “Ests”, I would have something to write about. But in all honesty, the house is quiet. Seriously. Dead quiet.

Biggest is playing in his bedroom with his cars.

I had a nap on the floor and woke up to barrettes in my hair.

Littlest is num-numming in the living room, probably chewing on his new-ish toys.

I found those new-ish toys because I tackled the closet full of old baby stuff while I was doing the office yesterday afternoon.

I ended up giving Biggest a Netflix day, because I had a ton of housework to do, and he was getting nervous with all the mess. It’s a good thing, because trying to move the office around and clean it up made me aware of the fact that I have a much larger vocabulary of expletives than I thought.

I did laundry yesterday, and got to hang it all up on my new indoor clothesline. It’s pretty skookum.

Come to think of it, yesterday consisted mainly of housework, but oddly enough, being at home meant that it all got done.

Actually, not all of it, we ordered pizza because I couldn’t even see the top of the stove.

In fact, I almost lit the burner on fire trying to make coffee this morning.

I started Creative time with Biggest. He played with markers and playdoh, and we practiced writing ABC.

I get the enjoyment of an afternoon chat with my Bestie of 20 years and her new little daughter today.

Speaking of daughters, I’m so glad for boys. The amount of stuff I’ve almost bought for the package my mom and I are sending her would have broken the bank. Twice.

It’s been of the utmost pleasure to be able to sit in a mostly clean house with my children. I think I made the right choice. It’s been more difficult than I’d like to admit to keep away from the phone and my shoes.

Luckily, I get to go grocery shopping with my sister tomorrow morning, and I’m going to be childless.

OH! And I made my 5k cardio marker a couple of days ago. It was a total of 2k running, followed by 3k of immediate power walking. I am so proud of myself! Now I need an actual pair of running shoes.

On that note, as much as I’m fighting the urge to call someone and beg them to come for tea so I don’t have to clean the kitchen alone, I need to get started. Besides, I promised Biggest he could help.

The Handler.


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