Assorted Musings, Now In Caramel!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is the day where husbands and significant others everywhere attempt to appease their women with chocolates, flowers, candlelit bubble baths, and various other forms of romance. The great conglomerate that is commercialism insists that we all buy copious quantities of the aforementioned items, and if we should fail to receive copious quantities of items in return for our expenditures, we are somehow defunct. Heck, even the kids get in on it, with little boxes of Spongebob or Hello Kitty Valentines to send to their little friends. And better yet, commercialism (as if Spongebob and Hello Kitty weren’t commercial enough) now requires you to give them to everyone so no one will be left out. Conveniently, most of those boxes don’t hold enough to allow for an entire class of children, and therefore, you are required to buy two, with at least half a dozen leftover. I find it entirely amusing.

Which is why I’m extremely thankful that my version of romance is to be crudely joked with over popcorn and Stargate SG-1 in our couch-less living room. Ha! And you all thought I was classy. Or maybe you didn’t. Doesn’t matter, either way. The real moral of the story is that regardless of the ideals of our society, what really matters is that deep down, you know you are loved. Although, so help me God, if I am ever required to do Valentines for children’s classes, I’m making them myself.

*Phew* Now that that’s over with… moving on! There’s only so cynical I can get.

What I’m actually feeling cynical about is this darn bug. I am still sick. STILL! I got myself out of the house for a walk yesterday and I’m right back to feeling ill, sore throat, cough and all. I had to cancel pretty much my month of plans because quite frankly, I have no idea when I will be safe to go back into the general populace. Even better, this was the month of endless birthdays. We had a cousin’s parties to attend, a friend’s party to attend, and both Biggest and Littlest’s to plan and attend. None of it’s happening right now. Littlest’s got moved to a couple of weeks away because I don’t feel capable of being in a house full of people, and I had to send my regrets for the cousin’s party as it was on the same weekend. The friend’s party got moved for the same reason on their end. Unfortunate, but the last thing I want to do is show up for anyone’s party and go “Here! Have this mean cold bug, just for you, I’m sorry, I couldn’t find wrapping paper big enough for it, so you’ll just have to take it as is.” Really not high on my list of priorities. I’m hoping that by the time Littlest’s birthday arrives, we’ll at least be able to go for lunch. In the meantime, it looks like I’ll be cramming a bunch of parties into a very short timespan later. The only good news is that all I have left to do is bake cake and wrap gifts. I bought supplies and gifts early this year, so at least that part’s done.

My other beef is that sick children really have a hard time with attitudes. Given how I feel and how my attitude feels, I’m not the least bit surprised. It’s not really that I’m angry about the attitudes, I can give a lot of leeway with illness. It’s more that it’s been going on for a good couple of weeks now, and we’re all starting to climb down each other’s throats. Case in point: Biggest has been given some special attention for being sick (let’s face it, everyone needs that a little bit when they’re ill) and has now gotten too big for his britches. Meaning that I’m being “ordered” around, and consequently we’ve had a lot of time outs and quiet times. It’s probably good for everyone, since it tones down the rambunctiousness that leads to coughing fits, but I still feel sad that we’ve spent most of the last two days apart from each other. Once everyone’s up to snuff, I have a feeling that we’re in for a bit of a reality check in the form of “I want, and I’d like are not an appropriate way of asking for anything.”

Anyway, thus ends my Friday rant. I hope you all have a much better weekend than I appear to be heading towards. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve already hacked up my right lung, and now I’m lopsided, so I’m gonna go hack up the left one.

The Handler


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