"I can’t, I’m crying", and other conversations.

This child is priceless, that being Biggest. After yesterday, I thought I would share with all of you a couple of the conversations that begin with “I can’t, I’m crying”. After this story, I paid a bit more attention to just how many times it happens, and I can assure you, it’s an endless source of amusement. Just ask my mother, I had coffee with her last night and she was in stitches for most of it. Anyway, here’s how yesterday went.

At least three separate times:

Something happens.
Biggest: I can’t, Mommy, I’m crying!
Me: You don’t need to cry, it’s no biggie.
Biggest: I need to cry!
Me: Ok, you can cry then, if you need to.
Biggest: I don’t need to cry, Mommy! I’m fine! (complete with the “OMG Mom… you’re crazy” look)
Me: You’re fine?
Biggest: I’m not fine, I’m crying!

At least 5 distinct instances:

Me: Don’t run over my foot, please. (insert other random occurances)
Biggest: Ohhhhh… I’m crying Mommy!
Me: You don’t need to cry, I just asked you not to run over my foot. (or whatever else happened).
Biggest: Ohhhhh…. I need hug, Mommy. I’m crying!

Several times:

Biggest: I need hug, Mommy.
Me: *hug*
Biggest: I want on lap.
Me: I don’t have a lap, I’m standing next to the sink.
Biggest: Ohhhhh… I crying, Mommy!
Me: No reason to cry, Biggest. I am just in the middle of ______ and I don’t have a lap because I’m not sitting down.
Biggest: Ohhhhhh I crying! I need hug!

Exception: Closer to bedtime it became (at the top of his lungs) I LIKE UP I LIKE UP I LIKE UP! *stamps foot*

Other instances:

Me: (after being removed from the office for being disobedient, and being told thusly that he would not be allowed back into the office until lunch was over) Out, please.
Biggest: I allowed in here, Mommy.
Me: No, you’re not allowed. You didn’t listen, that was your choice, and this is your consequence. Out, please.
Biggest: I’m alllllloooooowwwweed. *eye roll*
Me: Excuse me? No, you’re not, and don’t even think about trying to use that tone of voice with me. OUT!
Moments later…
Me: *turns around*
Biggest: *stands stock still 3 inches from my arm with his stool* I like on lap, Mommy.
Me: *shock*
Discipline ensued.

On that note, what a clever kid! What kind of 2 year old sneaks up with the bathroom stool to watch while hoping Mommy doesn’t notice the floor squeaking as you put it in position. Also, when confronted, why give Mommy a cheesy grin (after, of course, the initial “Oh crap she saw me.”)? Also, I’m pretty sure he’s discovered those tones of voice and the dramatics all on his own, because I have no idea where he would have seen that kind of behaviour. It certainly doesn’t exist in this house! I should also note that 99% of the “I’m crying” drama is not accompanied with tears. Honestly, if this keeps up, he’s going to do exceptionally well in high school theatre classes. The kid’s a natural.

Last instance, which gave me a glimpse of my future:

We have an old amp, it’s not plugged in because the cord needs fixing, but neither of the children are allowed to touch it. Based on the fact, of course, that children extrapolate from “I can touch this one” to “I can touch everything with buttons because I’m allowed to touch that one”. Behold the following scene.

Littlest and Biggest are lying on their tummies, side by side, and both of them are furiously hitting as many buttons on our amp as humanly possible.

People, I am in serious trouble. Not only are they cute, but they are clever as well. They both got disciplined for disobeying, but seriously, before I did, I took a mental image of the scene, simply because despite the behavior, it was adorable. That being said, I have had wads of practice in keeping said amusement out of my voice. That would only make matters worse. The good news, though, is that they are also applying that cleverness to other things, including determination and obedience. Kids will be kids, of course, but I am happy to report that one of the positive aspects of yesterday included Biggest telling me “I CAN do it Mommy!”

Way to go kiddos!
The Handler


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