Gnomes Gnews at 3.

Hi there, and welcome to Gnomes Gnews at 3. I’m your host, the Handler. Today’s top stories: Biggest’s box transforms, Littlest gets Mommy back, and Mommy dishes about her relationship with Coffee.

First on the docket: My child got me back for taking so long with lunch. This morning went reasonably well, I got half the dishes done, Biggest requested pancakes for lunch, and Littlest had only just woken up from his nap. I forgot breakfast this morning, so I was more than ready to eat, as were the children. I thought to myself, Hey, why don’t I get Littlest to feed himself so we can all eat at the same time?, and proceeded to make that happen. Small problem though, Littlest was starving. Naturally, I put him up to the table, and he lunged for his plate, devouring about half the pancake in 5 minutes, and dousing himself with sloppy crumbs and syrup. He also gave the floor some too, because clearly, the floor was hungry for pancakes too. I figured I’d get a head start on the mess, and pick up the pieces right away. Well. It was at that precise moment that Littlest figured out how to undo the suctioned plate, and promptly tossed the entire thing, crumbs, pancakes, syrup and all, right… onto the top of my freshly showered head. From my end, it kind of felt like a meteor shower. Especially since I had the unfortunate perspective of watching him fish the pieces out of his catcher bib and try and get them off his hands. The effect was *splat*. *splat*. *splat*.

Note to self: the mess can wait until the danger of it landing on my head is past.

Next up: While I was making said lunch, Biggest found a couple of boxes that were ready to be recycled, put them together, and carried on to play quietly for another half an hour. Seizing the opportunity, I grabbed my many colored Sharpies, and got to work. Folks, Biggest is the proud owner of the only transforming box in existence. Secretly, despite the crappy graphics, I’m kind of excited over it. It initially was the temporary shelf unit I made for his books, but turned on its side, it has two compartments for sitting in. I colored one half to look like a fire truck, and Biggest asked for me to turn the other side into a tow truck. I even gave it a license plate, with, what else, BSY BY1. Tada! One transforming box. I was kind of tempted to hop in myself.

Before we go, I would like to make an announcement. I LOVE COFFEE. There, I said it. I got this brilliant idea the other day to stop drinking coffee in the morning. The long and short of it is, Mommy and Coffee have a very happy relationship, and there’s simply no need to change it up. Also, I may or may not have been threatened within an inch of my life to never, ever try that again. (It didn’t go that well.) For my own sanity, a note to myself: Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t survive a morning without coffee, and that’s ok. Everyone’s got something they’re attached to, and yours just happens to keep you sane. Next time you get the brilliant idea to skip it, please, slap yourself, get it over with, and go brew your beans. Seriously. Don’t make me come over there. In there? This is kind of awkward all of a sudden. How do you come over there if you’re talking to yourself? Oops, off topic. Don’t want to give you irrefutable proof that I really am completely stone-cold crazy.

It’s time for nap around these parts, but I’m going to leave you with an adorable Biggest story.

 I woke up on Monday around 6:00am with the kids. It was dark out still, and there weren’t any lights on. On top of that, my hair was in my face again, so I really couldn’t see anything, and I forgot that Biggest’s car bucket was still in the hallway. *SLAM* That was the sound of my toe and shin hitting it full force. Note: matchbox cars are heavy. After muttering some expletives, with an immediate apology to one mimicking Biggest, I promptly started crying. Don’t judge, it hurt about as bad as stepping on a Lego, and you can’t tell me none of you have ever had a moment where you at least let one tear slide after succumbing to that tiny little building block. The conversation went thusly.

Biggest: Mommy, are you crying??
Me: A little bit *sniff*, it hurt.
Biggest: Oh. That’s ok Mommy, you’re fine, it didn’t hurt that bad! I give you a hug ok? (hugs my leg gently)
Me: Thank you, that makes Mommy feel better.
Biggest: Yup, it’s fine Mommy, you’re ok!

Made my whole day.
Also, I have a 3″ bruise on my shin, and it’s still killing me two days later.

And that’s the Gnomes Gnews at 3. Good day people!


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