That’ll Hurt In The Morning…

Well, I’m still up, and it’s almost midnight. I have a good reason, but it’s still gonna hurt in the morning, especially since tomorrow is Littlest’s birthday party, and I have a ton of work that has to be done before everyone gets here.

But that’s boring. My husband graciously promised me a post-Mommy makeover, and today was finally the day! What’s that? Clothes that actually fit? (egad!) And… skinny jeans? (2 pairs and no muffin top!) High heels? What the heck are those? Admittedly, they are not stilettos, as I did feel the need to still be capable of walking with small children and buggies, but still. I even got a haircut! Gone is the shaggy grown-out hair. In it’s place, a sleek asymmetrical chin-length cut. Best part? A quick spritz with a fancy thing called beach spray (or something to that effect) when it’s still wet, and I can walk away. (How cool is that??) My makeup also got an update, but how long I went without new stuff is my little secret. (We’re just gonna call it “a while”) It’s embarrassing. I’ve been told that I’m allowed to purchase more in a couple of months, so I just replaced the basics that I normally use: shadow, mascara, and liner, and I did have the foresight to buy makeup remover. My original idea was a washcloth, but I realized almost-belatedly that “waterproof” doesn’t delineate between rain and when you actually want to wash it off. I still need a few other things, namely some better undergarments, although I did purchase some support for the ladies, since I figured they deserved more than a crappy 3 pack of Wally-World sports bras. (Come on ladies, you know how it gets after children.) I also need to update my running gear, and depending on how the hair goes, I may need a straightener. Oh, and possibly some shorts for the summer. But that’s beside the point. I’m beside myself. I feel transformed. My insides match my outsides, at least, in feeling.

I am content.

Also, I thought I should mention that my hubby faithfully watched the children for the entire day, despite discovering only recently that girls have a significantly longer requirement for shopping time, which gets infinitely longer when other girls are added to the mix (poor guy). He even washed the dishes, hung the laundry, and made Littlest’s birthday cake.

All that, however, is not why I was up until midnight. In order to do that much shopping, I have had not one, not two, but FIVE cups of coffee, and I was seriously wired for most of the day. Sadly, it gave up the ghost around 6, and I passed out at 8:30. You’d think that’d be good for me. A full day of shopping, a good night’s sleep… Except that I’m up at midnight, because all that coffee isn’t out of my system yet, so my bedtime turned into a nap. I woke up at 10 ridiculously wide awake. I may have been able to get back to sleep, but Littlest was missing me and needed a cuddle (he woke up) and the neighbours across the hallway spent the evening moving in (which almost always makes lots of noise and goes on forever). Hubby helped a bit by watching a movie with me, and I played a bit of poker, but at some point, I seriously need to go to bed. I’m tired, but there’s no way I can sleep. Still, I’m headed in that direction in the hopes that I will randomly pass out anyway.

Good night!
The Handler.


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