Littlest has finally gotten his knees under him. That is terrifying, and enough to keep my week fast-paced all by itself. For instance, right now, he has pulled apart a flyer, and it’s currently all over the office floor. Just before that, I had to frantically race around picking up leftover diaper bag contents that I forgot about, mainly because we got home late last night. I got there in time to save my gum, at least. I suspect we are about to further Littlest-proof, as he’s discovered that with the use of his knees comes the ability to pull himself over obstacles. It’s only a matter of time before he gets his feet under him and realizes he can stand. At which point, I am doomed.

Excuse me for a moment while I rescue my Visa bill.

And the grocery bag.

And prop the door open so he doesn’t close his fingers in it.


He’s persistent, I’ll give you that. My door stop is only gonna hold so long.

Aha! Foiled. He’s moved on to the flyer again.


You know, this is kind of difficult, writing a post while keeping Littlest out of trouble. I will also admit to watching him just for amusement purposes, which also makes it difficult to type. He’s quite funny, half scooting, half army crawling. Pretty fast too. At the moment, he seems to have paused at the Techie flyer, probably to check out the latest prices on flatscreens.


Discarded in favor of his thumb.

But only for a moment, we’re back in business, this time with the Visa bill envelope.

And now for the grand finale, a vocal squeal of glee when he realized my headphones were unguarded and in reach.

Ooooo shopping receipts.


So it would seem that I have nothing left to include. It could be because I’m about to Littlest-proof the office right now, or because my two cups of coffee this morning have me feeling overly energetic, or possibly because my dishes are starting to speak to me again, or maybe even because Biggest is strangely silent. Potentially all of the above.

Oh. Right. I almost forgot. Littlest’s tests came back negative. We still have no idea why he hasn’t grown in 3 months, but I’m beginning to suspect that he was fueling his determination (and I suspect he was adding a jet pack to his knees while I was sleeping). With the mischievous grin he just gave me, I also suspect that he will grow two inches one night and pack on another 10lbs, just to throw me off.

And with that, I hear the sound of a flyer being shredded, which means that he’s gotten bored of taking it apart, and unless I want to vacuum miniature bits of flyer, I’d better go rescue it too.


The Handler.


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