I Killed The Playdough.

Unbelievable. I killed the playdough. Simplest recipe on the planet, and I screwed it up. First, I’ll point you to the original, so you can see how it was supposed to turn out.

Here’s how it started.


It may be that my first mistake was halfing the recipe. 1/4 cup of water in each bowl. I didn’t have 4 cups of flour and 1 1/2 cups of salt to spare, so I figured, “what the hey?” and went for 2 cups flour and 3/4 cup of salt.



I made my two colors, mixed the salt and the flour, and added the vegetable oil. Stupidly, I only watched the video once, and didn’t realize that there may be some mixture left over. So… I put half of the bowl of mixture in each bowl.


Eventually, I may learn to follow a recipe exactly. Or maybe, you know, write it down. That might be a good idea in the future. Regardless… I did the blue one first. I quickly realized that it needed way more water than 1/4 of a cup. It was also a horrendous shade of blue, and I had to add more food coloring, as I was kneading it. It made my hands blue. I wanted to take a picture, but it was too ghastly to share. I added more water while I was kneading it, because it was still terribly dry. Which made mucky blue floury gunk that stuck to my table. I added more flour. At some point, I gave up, rolled it into a marbly blue ball, and put it aside. Thinking about the problem, I figured that the solution would be to add more water to the other bowl ahead of time. Since the blue one had needed almost a cup and a half extra water (or so I thought), I added a full cup to the yellow one. I must have grabbed the wrong measure with the blue one, because a full cup turned it into pancake batter. Ok, more flour. It ate almost a cup and a half extra just to be able to knead it. It took another 1/2 cup to get it usable as “playdough” after that. Also, it’s not even close to yellow, nor does it look like playdough. It looks more like pie crust to me, and feels about the same. I wasn’t willing to put any more ingredients in, so I stopped there, and counted it as a flop. I don’t think Biggest will care, but honestly, I’m horrified. I failed at playdough. Seriously? Yikes. Here’s the finished product.



And here’s the mess.



Yeah. I’m gonna go now. Before something else happens to it.


The Handler.


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