Ok, I know it’s been a bit of a dry spell in terms of updates, but I promise, I’m still living. I think.


Yep, I’m alive.

This week can be summed up by one word.




In fact, this last couple of weeks can be summed up as crazy. I’m on some new medication, and the combo is a significant improvement over the original. As such, I have been far busier than usual. Baking bread, cooking a good meal for supper instead of pancakes, doing the dishes, and keeping the house clean have all been part of an almost-daily task list. The nice thing is, for the most part, I’m keeping up to it. However, when you factor in new playmates, new playgroups, and doctor(s) appointments, I am solidly booked up. For instance, this week is full all the way to Friday.

Monday: Infant development is coming at the request of Littlest’s pediatrician to make sure that he’s hitting all the right milestones. If the fact that he suddenly started full on crawling, asking what’s this every 5 seconds, and deliberately antagonizing Biggest whenever they’re in the same room is any indication… I’m sure he’s fine. In between all that, I’m trying my hand at making Chicken Cordon Bleu, and I have to bake bread as well.

Tuesday: If my husband is capable of getting out of the house after how much he’s worked in the last week, we may go visit a Stuff Mart. We have to buy a new phone because Biggest decided that dunking our old one in his glass of milk was a good idea. It’s in the garbage now. If not, then I think it’s basically a rest day.

Wednesday: I’ll probably have to bake bread again, and Biggest is going to a new group with me that’s focused on early literacy. I’m not sure how well it’ll go, but lunch is free and it’s only an hour long, so I’m optimistic. It’s also laundry day, and since last Wednesday I completely forgot, I have to be doubly sure to schedule it in there. I ended up having to wash the entire load in the tub. It did come clean, but it gives me an unfathomable appreciation for washing machines… and very sore thumbs. I also got rug burn all over my palms from wringing everything out. Thankfully we have the clothesline already, and I hung the pants and towels over the deck railing, so the load dried pretty fast given the circumstances.

Thursday: I did have a second playdate scheduled, but the little guy is ill so it’s just the multi-age playgroup in the morning. After that I may just pass out in a heap. Oh, nevermind, I still have a meal plan to make and a grocery list to set up.

Friday: Grocery shopping! I’ll probably be bringing the kids, which leaves me with the insane dilemma of either driving the stroller and the shopping cart around so Biggest stays put, (which is a socially anxious person’s nightmare) or bringing the roller buggy so the store is easier, but with the potential of Biggest acting up or pooping out. It should be amusing though. Last week we were walking (I took the route of roller buggy and easier shopping), and Biggest randomly yells, as a truck is rolling by, “LOOK OUT TRUCK! There’s a Mommy!”.


In amongst all of that business, I am hoping for some time on the deck. Biggest was hilarious the other day, and had a blast. I was having my coffee and he stuck his face out to look down the three stories to the pavement. I told him to be careful, because I didn’t want him to end up as flat as a pancake.

Biggest: Nooooo… Not a pancake!

Me: Yep. A flat pancake.

Biggest: *curls up on the deck* This flat?

Me: No, flatter.

Biggest: *curls closer to the deck* This flat?

Me: No, flatter.

Biggest: Oh. That’s too flat, Mommy.


Yes, yes it is.


In other news, we have begun the task of assimilating toys to share. Sometimes, it goes well, and other times, Biggest drags everything Littlest touches to the bedroom and shuts the door, “So Littlest can’t vreach it!”. I call it a work in progress, but so far we’ve only had shoving a handful of times, and Littlest gives as good as he gets by crawling directly toward Biggest’s Matchbox cars just to get him to squirm. At which point, Biggest yells “NOOOO!” and Littlest, with his face all lit up, yells back “Ahhhhhhhhhh”. It repeats until I’ve stopped inwardly chuckling, at which point I blame sensitive auditory nerves and break it up.


Anyway, I should go. I still have a sink full of dishes to do, and I had to separate the boys because they wouldn’t stop farting around. Biggest is still flopping around on his bed, and Littlest is passed out on the living room floor, after being securely wrapped so he couldn’t crawl over to the toy bucket he was so desperately aiming for.


Never a dull moment!

The Handler.


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