There’s Hope For Me Yet!

Today is a big day. Why? Because Biggest admitted that my oatmeal was edible! 

Mommy: 1

Cooking: 0

I’m aware that it may be ridiculous and slightly embarrassing to be excited about that, but considering how little of my cooking Biggest will openly admire, it’s a large accomplishment. It’s surprising that I cook so badly, to be honest, because my mother put in great effort to teach my sister and I how to cook and bake when we were teens. But somewhere along the way, I came to be completely terrible at it. We’re talking burnt, undercooked, and/or gluey rice. Solidified oatmeal. Dry roast. And the ridiculous idea that a pound of lentils would make an excellent soup. At some point, I figured out that Biggest’s picky eating was not a phase he was going through. Rather, he’s terrified of my cooking. Case in point: I had to bribe him with chocolate chips just to try the oatmeal this morning, and promise him that if it was awful I would make something else.

Me: Can you try a bite?

Biggest: Nope. I don’t want it. It’s yucky.

Me: Well, you haven’t taken a bite yet, why don’t you taste it first?

Biggest: Noooo… I don’t want to try it.

Me: Is that because Mommy’s oatmeal is yucky?

Biggest: Yeah…

Me: Ok, well how about you give it a try, and if it’s awful I’ll make you something else.

Biggest: I don’t want to try it.

Me: What if I put chocolate chips on it? You have to take a bite first.

Biggest: Hmmm… That might be a good idea.

Me: Ok. I promise, it’s not yucky. Mommy tried really hard to make it yummy this time. It’s got sugar, and coconut, and cream in it! (Yay for milk fat!)

Biggest: *wiggles around while I give him a bite* *gets a little tiny bit in his mouth* *stops* *takes the spoon and puts the rest in his mouth* Oh.

Me: Is it yummy?

Biggest: *eyes wide* Yeah… It is yummy!

Me: Oh good! I’m glad!

(He ate the whole bowl without further incident.)


Generally speaking, I wouldn’t have bribed him, and would have assumed that he was just trying to get chocolate chips out of me. However, after witnessing his attempts at eating my cooking (and rather bravely I might add), with a literal shiver every time he takes a bite, I think he’s earned it. I’m going to try re-feeding him a couple of things that I have previously written off (and are now edible) and see if re-tasting some non-screwed-up food will help him get over his I-Refuse-To-Try-Anything ideas.


And with that, I am off to make muffins. Unfortunately that means I have to do the dishes first. Wish me luck!

The Administrator.


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