Welcome to Tuesday

Today marks the return of normalcy for our household. After visiting all weekend, eating too much pie, and plenty of beast (in whatever form), I can say I’m both excited and saddened, and I hope everyone else’s Easter was equally filling. In reality, this was probably the best Easter weekend I’ve had in over a decade.


Friday I managed to drag the kids shopping all by myself, and despite being somewhat frazzled, I was able to make my way to my mother’s house for tea afterwards. I even came under budget, which is truly astonishing given the wrangling I had to accomplish. That’s probably an exaggeration though, because for the most part, Littlest was chilling on my back, and Biggest listened pretty well. Most of my befrazzlement came from deciding that stocking up on meat, buying a 10lb bag of potatoes, and purchasing the jumbo box of Mini Wheats was going to be a genius idea, especially considering I only had my roller buggy to haul everything home in. Yes, folks, I have one of those old lady (no offense intended) drag-along shopping carts. I’m not going to lie, it’s awesome, and incredibly sturdy. The thing I didn’t account for is that, while it all fit, it was heavy enough that I had to drag it behind me with both arms, and they were numb in about 10 minutes. That sucker was heavy! At some point, I awkwardly moved Littlest around to the front so that I could drag a little easier, and after giving Biggest a talk about listening on the way over to Grammy’s, let him walk next to me instead of holding my hand. Being the adorable little man he is, he not only followed my instructions (minus a meltdown when we took a different turn and he thought he’d lost the visit), he also tried to help me haul the thing. Thankfully, my mother took pity on me, and returned with me for tea, helping me haul on the way.


Saturday was the first meal spectacular. It was a jam-packed day,




I’m back. Sorry about that. I moved my computer yesterday so I could keep a better eye on the boys if I needed to be doing something on here, and I just took a look outside the patio door. Dirt everywhere. I guess they figured that unpotting my flower and spreading the dirt everywhere was an epic idea, and I’m thinking it took them less than 30 seconds. Anyone know the possibilities of small children being potentially poisoned by eating an unknown amount of potting soil? Theoretically speaking, of course. Oh well, a little dirt never hurt anyone… right?


Moving on, or perhaps returning to my original story. Saturday, my cousin and I attempted a quadruple recipe of zucchini loaf. It worked out great, but holy smokes, I do not have the capacity for stirring that much batter. We got creative, though, and it turned out lovely. She graciously did the rest of my dishes, and I went immediately from baking to…

*sigh* Not again…


ANYWAY. Long story short, I ate too much pie, dragged my kids to my mom’s, ate an awful lot of turkey and salmon, had my sister over the next day for more roast, made chocolate mousse that was to die for, played poker with pasta (nothing like raising you two macaroni and three rotini), played Mario Kart until our eyes bugged out, and spent yesterday doing nothing so now my kitchen smells like a sewer, I can’t see the counters despite it being crazy clean the day before, and am apparently losing control of my children, although that may be because I stupidly read and applied a book about child psychology and empowering our children which basically reads they’ll never listen to anything you say because now that you’ve let them have a say, they’re going to assume that they control everything, although it could also just be that it’s my application and I took it to mean be nice always instead of be firm about limits, I’ll have to go back and read that chapter, or maybe I’ll just say screw it and give Biggest a time out because at the moment he doesn’t care squat about what I’m doing, as he’s laughing in his time out right now, Happy Tuesday, hope you had a great weekend, The Handler.

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