Caffeine Me!

The fact that I’m posting today is nothing short of a miracle. Seriously.


I was crazy brave yesterday, and went out for all of my errands alone with the two kiddos. As a self admitted, socially anxious person, it was truly astonishing that I was willing to do so in the first place.  Despite the odds, I surprised myself, and completed three separate bus trips with my half-broken stroller, 3 stores with Biggest out of the buggy (including a toy store), 2 doctor’s appointments that took over a half an hour each, and a walk home on only one cup of coffee. Even better, I didn’t lose my cool, and while Biggest was a little antsy (I was too, half an hour of waiting in a doctor’s office is enough to make anyone itchy), we didn’t have any major meltdowns. I’m going to pin my success on a) remembering to pack a boatload of snacks, b) that book that was in my closet for over a year, and c) actually trying to understand what was going on instead of reacting. Funny how that works. Other contributions included the following.

My diaper bag was loaded to the max with cheese, crackers, yogurt, juice, bananas, and cookies.

I planned the bus routes for less Biggest walking and less Biggest waiting.

We stopped at Stuff Mart B for a car, since I knew he was going to be waiting for a while. Hot Wheels Cool Classics ’67 Camaro = awesome, I’m just saying. It may also be possible that I had more fun picking it out than he did.

I planned a park trip for after everything was done, with whatever was left of our snacks. It was an ‘icnic. Not quite a picnic but close.

We visited the toy store near our last appointment to have a look, and appropriately ooh’d and aah’d at the City Action Playmobil collection. I’ll take one of everything please. Oh right. I mean, Biggest will have one of everything please. We also took a catalogue to look at in the doctor’s office, and that did the trick.

Thank heavens for my husband’s sudden urge to make oatmeal raisin cookies, they did wonders for energy and for sitting still.

On the bus ride home, we ended up on a bus full of exchange students. They were completely in love with Biggest, and very politely asked to play with him, as well as take his picture. Since he’s a total ham, he loved every second of it, and between them giggling, managed to snag someone’s phone to play with for most of the ride. I’m pretty sure I’m doomed once he starts school, as he’ll probably be the life of the party.

Littlest conked out for the rest of the trip.

I snagged Easter candy on sale when I dropped off my prescription, and that got our feet the last bit of the way.

I made dinner before I left, which was good, because I almost collapsed in a caffeine deprived heap when we made it through the door.


Littlest’s chiropractic visit went well. His pelvis was misaligned, and he has some loss of mobility in a couple of muscles, but since he’s so little, that’s not going to be a problem. He’s got multiple visits in the next couple of weeks (which means more anxiety and park visits for me, perhaps that will assist in at least masking my social awkwardness), but it should help tremendously. Especially since he went from not putting weight on his left leg to standing on both feet by the time we got home. He’s also started using his feet to climb up stuff, so it’s only a matter of time until I’m really doomed, and he can reach all the tantalizing stuff I’ve been hiding. Add to that his infant massage sessions for some extra muscle stimulation, and I’m sure he’ll be zooming around in no time at all.

And that’s that. Except…

Mmmm… Smartie Eggs.


The Boss Lady.


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