Why Me? Sort of…

Happy Day-Before-May. I sincerely hope you all are in better shape than we are. I am still miraculously unscathed by this “thing” that’s invaded everyone’s digestive tract, but I’m getting more concerned by the day that it will get me anyway. This really has been an awful spring, as far as the illnesses go. I find myself shaking my head at just how many times we’ve been sick. I mean, we never get sick, and this year, we’ve had the 3 week flu in February, the birthday party bug from Littlest’s party, the birthday bug from Biggest’s party, the other flu from gosh-knows-where, and now this stomach bug…. AND THEY’RE NOT EVEN IN SCHOOL YET! *insert wailing and gnashing of teeth here*



– My house stinks.

– I have children hanging on to my pant legs and/or elbows whining every 5 minutes to be held.

– I have had to cancel playgroups.

– And appointments.

– And play dates.

– And Grammy visits. (MOMMMMYYYYYY, help meeeeee!)

– And adult dates. (Who really wants to risk it?)

– My kids are surviving on crackers and yogurt because nothing else will go down.

– My diaper bill has gone up significantly.

– My housework has gone down the drain because of the aforementioned children hanging on to pant legs.

– Actually, my housework has gone down the drain because I’m too busy cleaning up liquids.

– It is going to be a pain in the proverbial donkey’s rear to wean these children off of how much TV has been watched.

– Same goes for when they’re no longer allowed to eat crackers all the time.

– I am lamenting the lack of routine, and trying not to beat myself up for the lack of order around here.

– I need a shower. Badly.

– The laundry pile is huge.

– I have forgotten what day it is, and my laundry slots have been missed twice.


Secret Non-Rants.

– I haven’t had to cook.

– Farmville 2 and Poker have been perfectly acceptable pastimes.

– The silence from two children finally napping at the same time is beautiful.

– Crackers are delicious, and easy.

– No one blames me for the lack of dishes. Not that they do anyway, but I feel better about it, and that’s what counts.

– Washing forgotten laundry in the tub is amusing.

– I actually had time to shave my legs because everyone was asleep at 6.

– Having missed all those appointments means I haven’t had to drag two small children out the door.

– I have rediscovered my patio, and it completely counts as fresh air. The children love it, and I stay in my jammies.


And that pretty much sums it up.


The Handler.



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