And Again…

I have updated the Gnomes once again. All of the menus and widgets are now hidden away for easier reading, and you can easily find more than once post (10 on the front page!), in case you missed any. Yay!

In other news, I have procrastinated the morning away (big surprise!) and I’m now woefully behind in the housework. Top that off with the fact that we have company coming tonight and I have a full afternoon of baking ahead, and I really shot myself in the foot. Which, of course, is why I’m posting about it instead of getting off my computer. I blame my husband for buying me a comfy desk chair. Clearly it’s no fault of mine.


Oh! Biggest wrote 1-10 all by himself yesterday! The first time he followed my instructions, and the second he copied over mine (mainly so I could gather photo evidence). I’m so proud of him! Littlest also did well yesterday, and finally got his feet halfway under him. Given that he’s getting a physiotherapy consult next week, as well as an infant massage session AND he’s got another two chiropractic appointments in the next few days, I’m thankful that I can report progress. According to all of aforementioned specialists, he had some muscle mobility issues, a potentially shortened achilles tendon, and may or may not have extremely sensitive feet. Normally I would laugh a little, and move on, but really? Who would have thought that sensitive skin on the bottom of your feet would cause so many problems? If I had to guess, after polling a couple of my friends, it’s mainly that possibility that caused whatever’s going on. Sensitive feet leads to only using toes in the bouncer, leading to shortened tendon, leading to muscle mobility loss. Whatever the heck that means. I find myself feeling more than a little awkward mentioning it all, because it almost sounds like I’m making it up. At least, until you see Littlest trying to stand, at which point, you watch his feet curl up until almost nothing of his foot is touching the floor. It did get slightly better with socks. Either way, I hope that what we’re doing fixes the problem, and he starts running around soon. Nobody laugh when I post about needing him to sit still at some point in the future.


Anyway, I must face the music, and get off this chair so that I can tackle those dishes I don’t want to do.

Oh crap! I forgot the oatmeal on the stove. I’m losing it people. Really.

The Handler.


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