10 Whole Minutes


I thought I would let you all in on the fact that it took 10 minutes for me to set up three train cars, a boat, and what was a truck that ended up being a wheel. See it? It’s on the very leftest side of the photo. And, while I’m thrilled to death that it finally worked the way I wanted it to, I’m half tempted to re-do the whole thing on account of the dust. Somehow, despite wanting it to be adorably perfect, I forgot to dust, If you look really closely, you can see the little specks. Not, of course, that many people would actually think to dust a constantly-played-with train table that small boys generally consume copious amounts of crackers and/or breakfast cereal on, while regularly downing some type of spill-able sticky fluid. Then again, not many mothers would allow open cups of juice in a three-year-old’s hands. I’ve since learned that while Biggest is extremely capable of handling an open container, Littlest is not. Rather, he prefers pulling it by the rim off of whatever surface it seems to be inhabiting, along with the inevitable (and mildly gleeful) “Uh Oh”.

Sadly that lesson was actually learned in conjunction with another lesson: stick with “no”, as the day I found out about his fixation on capless cups was the day I also realized that instead of putting him off of coffee mugs forever (as most babies do not enjoy the taste of coffee), I had given him great desire for hot steaming caffeinated brews. Scientifically it makes sense, as they’ve done various studies on amniotic fluid, and have come to the conclusion that it retains a certain level of taste from the foods you eat while pregnant. Since I lived off of coffee, it seems reasonable in retrospect. However, until he’s actually allowed to drink the stuff, no coffee mug is safe.

But I digress. My original statement was to convince you all that instead of abandoning my blog because it has once again changed color and shape, you should take pity on my perfectionistic qualities, and read on anyway. I have discovered that both of the layouts I find most pleasing are actually for photoblogging. And while I have no real idea of what that entails, it does give me a featured image option which turns my boxes or circles from colorless text blobs into something slightly more easily distinguished. Past posts being what they are (colorless text blobs), future updates will have some type of random image attached. Just so you can decide which one you want to click on, without delineating between this gray box and that slightly lighter gray box. Oh, and the two gray boxes that are two different posts, and yet look like a single rectangular box.

Thanks for still being here despite all of my shenanigans and re-designing obsessions.

The Handler.


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