Join The Club

People, I have embraced the future. After much fussing and scoffing and stalling… I have finally joined the club.



Yes folks. That is a Keurig single-serve brewer. And it’s sitting (rather snazzily) on my counter. Please note that the counter is shiny too. What you don’t need to know, and yet I will tell you anyway, is that the rest of my counters are covered in dishes. I was so excited when it arrived that I cleared it off a nice little corner, and plopped all the stuff that was in that corner elsewhere. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be excited about a machine that brews your coffee while you snore on the counter next to it? And in 2 minutes no less!


I’m just going to take a moment to calm down now.


Nope. Still excited.



I’m good now.

In other news, I’ve also joined the club of Mommies With Defiant Three-Year-Olds Who Think They Know Everything. All weekend long, I have spoken and it’s gone in Biggest’s Ear and out the other. If he hasn’t outright said “But I can.” or “I don’t have to.”, he’s downright ignored me.  I’m sure it’s not going to be the last time to happen either. 


Oh, and there’s bedtime too. Being light out quite late, and having to share a room has made bedtime worse than usual, and I, in something resembling either sheer stupidity or utter genius, made getting out of bed non-taboo. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not allowed out of his room, and he’s only allowed to play with his critters or Littlest, but I think that when you make certain issues completely ok, it becomes, well, boring. So far, it’s worked out. They’ve had a good giggle, and around 8, things quiet down. Then someone inevitably gets tired and starts whimpering, at which point, I go in and lay them down. If I don’t get a fuss, Biggest is allowed to take a book, and curl up on his huge dragon body pillow. He’s lasted all of 5 minutes every single time. Better yet, I haven’t actually had a fuss yet. Even better still, because he’s still waking up at 6:30, he’s gone back to napping. I’m totally ok with that. And, amazingly enough, he hasn’t fussed about those either. Score! Call me lenient if you must, but it’s significantly better than busting in there every 5 minutes yelling because they won’t stop talking. I don’t like yelling. And of course, because I’m not willing to have him consistently asleep at 10, my lay down call has been getting sneakily earlier each time. I should have it down to a half hour after lights out in about a month. No fuss, no hassle, no sleep lost.


It may not be traditional, but I’m finding that letting a child think that those non-negotiable choices are still theirs to have a say in is making a lovely difference to the level of peace in our house.


And with that, I forgot the laundry, and I really have no interest in washing it again, so I better go hang it up.  Also, my new brew is getting cold.


The Handler


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