I live! I think…

Wow. Just… Wow. Talk about an insane week. I haven’t even had a chance to breathe, let alone figure out what to entertain you all with! Since it would be a novel to tell you everything in story form (and really, just because I can), I have devised a short list of all the valid reasons why updating just hasn’t been an option.


1. We got roomies! Biggest’s Aunt and Uncle moved in for the summer. They’re excited, we’re excited, and let’s face it… Biggest and Littlest are both beside themselves. That also meant a couple of days of unpacking and rearranging, which prevented an update simply because I couldn’t find my computer.


2. We’ve been working on a new morning routine that involves (urk!) no nap for me, and a walk down to the park after breakfast. While highly successful, by the time I get back, I’ve got enough energy to do dishes and laundry and so forth, thus preventing an update.


3. My husband got laid off. This means that we’re both out hunting for jobs, and most of my internet time has gone into checking craigslist or filling out silly pre-qualification questionnaires on online applications. (Also preventing updates.)


4. Summer has hit. Outside is clearly a better option than sitting in my hovel on the computer. No explanation necessary.


5. Biggest has been under a tighter watch regarding the amount of time he’s allowed to watch computers and/or video games, meaning that the time I’m actually on the computer has diminished significantly.


6. Littlest finally stood by himself. This means that I am now rescuing him from every possible standing surface, as for whatever reason, he’s decided that sitting down is life threatening, and therefore screams in terror every time he’s done. While I have been trying to get him to sit down on his own, he seems to think that the extra falling distance of 1″ more than he’s used to is simply not acceptable.


7. We’re still on the crazy appointment schedule of Littlest’s slow development. Chiropractor on this day at _____, doctor on this day at _______, Mommy’s doctor on this day at ________, pediatrician on this day at ________, and the infant development program on this day at ________. Oh, and so and so is coming for a play date on _______ at _______ and right after that this other so and so is coming for dinner. One word: HELP!


8. Our new manner of discipline and communication with the kiddos is excessively efficient, for which I’m truly grateful. However, as it involves letting the littles choose how they handle some situations and giving them the option to try a large number of things themselves, it takes significantly longer to do anything. I mean really, have you ever seen a three-year-old try to wipe his bum? It takes a while. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to have them decide that cleaning is better than sitting quietly while calming themselves down enough to do the task… and the time it takes to do it once they’ve fixed the attitude.


9. Cooking and baking has increased due to the volume of people in the house, and of course, that takes time. End result: delicious.


10. Having some of your favorite people as roommates makes evenings way busier. Mario Kart… Civilization V… Call of Duty… Poker…


And with that… I have no excuses left. If you add all that up, it basically represents my days being extremely (and happily) full. I will apologize in advance if updates are a bit slower, and I’m going to leave you with my child standing for the very second time.



Pardon the bag of marshmallows. I bribed him to do it again because I wasn’t fast enough with the camera the first time.

Go Littlest!

The Handler.


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