Finally Had 15 Minutes!

Ok I lied. It’s not Monday. It’s actually Wednesday, and I’m squeaking this update in for two reasons. A) I feel terrible that I haven’t updated it in almost a week (I think) and B) if I wait any longer, it’s going to turn into a novel. That being said, it’s still probably going to be of short story length.


Where do I begin? A week in my world makes a ton of laughable material, and a great deal of “how did I survive” material.


Oh! Ok! I’ve got it. I shall begin with Biggest and Littlest updates. Biggest is doing amazingly well with his communication skills, and is now capable of wiping his own butt. That, dear people, is a truly awesome turn of events. Littlest has finally started cruising, and I understand he was caught standing in the middle of the floor while I was out the other day. Furthermore, he’s started speaking quite clearly  and has, among other phrases, been able to say “please have food”, “please have water”, “whoops”, “thank you”, “here you go”, “tada”, and “bam”. He also asks (yes, asks) for naps.


As far as crazy happenings go, there’s been many kid moments, but two stood out as being exceptionally mind-boggling. First, my dear Biggest decided that climbing his wardrobe was a good idea this morning, and brought the entire thing down on top of him. Thankfully we live in a tiny place, and Littlest’s crib stopped it from crushing him completely. However, I now have no idea what to do about that, because I still need clothing storage, and I can’t screw it to the wall. Perhaps out in the hallway would be better. I’ll let you know what I come up with. The other instance is monumentally hilarious. Uncle T was looking after the boys for the afternoon, and he was drawing with Biggest. They got halfway through drawing a stick man, and Biggest tells Uncle T, with complete sincerity… “Uncle T, give him a penis. A BIG penis.”  I don’t even have a comment to add to that. It speaks for itself. I’m just thankful that we weren’t in a restaurant, because that would have been Awkward with a capital A.


Finally, and mainly because I have run out of time, I am a working mom. I’ve got mixed feelings on the subject, but minus the whole “broken heart because my kid is crawling to the door and screaming his head off when it closes and I leave” part, I really enjoy my job. Obviously my preference would be to not have to work, but of all the jobs I could have gotten, this is the one I was hoping for. Better yet, the hours are perfect, because I don’t have to rush out the door first thing in the morning, and I get home before supper.


And that’s the happenings in Gnomeville. I will apologize in advance if the updates are slim pickings, but I’m sure that once I adjust to the new routine, I’ll be back to filling your newsfeeds/inboxes with more gnome happenings than you will know what to do with. Thanks for sticking with me!


The Handler.


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