I Took The Plunge!

The plunge being that I took Littlest’s crib down. Admittedly, he is only 16 months, but we had such an early transition with Biggest that I felt it odd not to do the same for Littlest. There are, however, other reasons for doing this.

The most important reason: Biggest pushes Littlest around, takes stuff away, wakes him up.. and there’s not much Littlest can do in return. Worst is that Biggest can do whatever he wants to Littlest while Littlest is in his crib, and then retreat to the safety that is anywhere out of Littlest’s reach.

That reads, in three year old language, that said small fry is King.

AAAAAA my purse! I forgot it was on the couch. My wallet is now empty, as is my purse, and thank heavens my Coke wasn’t open yet, because it would have been all over the inside of the couch. And now, Biggest has pushed Littlest over, and I have had to explain, in unbelievable fashion, that we keep limbs to ourselves.


Moving on, the amount of times that the following things have been said to me points directly to the fact that we (meaning Biggest) need to be reminded of where we sit in the hierarchy of years. Also, how age actually works.


“I’m bigger than you are, Mommy.”

“When I was your age, Mommy, I did that too.”

“I can do that if I want to, Mommy.”

“THANK YOU for putting the dishes away for ME, Mommy!” (the amount of times he thanks me for doing something for him is a little disconcerting. While I appreciate the gesture of manners, it is spoken in a lofty “everything revolves around me” sort of way.)

“The _____ is ready Mommy.” (2 seconds after I start preparing it.)

“I can go with you if I want, Mommy”

(After being told no)… “But I can Mommy.”


The list goes on.


Anyway, this is really more of a sneak attack. I’ve thrown everything off balance by allowing both of them to be in big boy beds. I’m optimistic, it worked out well last night, but that is probably because I guarded the door. Yes, I guarded the door. I played my DSiXL after reading The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew for half an hour. That plus randomly opening the door to make sure no shenanigans were going on, and they both stayed in bed. Here’s for hoping tonight goes well too.


The Handler.


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