Shenanigans, Shenanigans

Ok, so I’m going to put up a post, mainly because it’s bothering me that I have no new content to share. Still working, still hearing screaming, still dragging tantrum-y children to bed. I’ve thought, and thought, and thought some more, and I have come to a complete blank.


Should I tell you about my job? I could drone on about the science of tea for a whole paragraph. Maybe throw some random facts like “all tea is good for you, not just green tea” (Hello English Breakfast! No longer shall I feel guilty for ignoring that ultra healthy-ish kind that tastes like hay!) Actually, speaking of which, I’ve fallen in love with Japanese green teas. More specifically, Genmai Cha. It was originally created in an effort to make tea go farther for the lower wealth farmers, and contains toasted rice. The third steeping is the best, but the first cup tastes like popcorn, and I just can’t have enough of it. OH LOOK! I filled up a paragraph! Yes!


I could tell you all about my children’s shenanigans, since that’s probably what you’re tuning in for. Nothing really exciting going on though. More like me guarding the door some more, giving up because it’s too hot to sleep until about 10, and subsequently sleeping too late. At which point, I get up and dash around madly in an attempt to get ready for the aforementioned job. Don’t get me wrong, I truly adore my job, but it is such a weird feeling in comparison to being a stay-at-home mom. I’d say it’s good-weird as opposed to bad-weird, but I sure miss my children. That being said, they seem to think that the instant I walk in the door, they only have two options. Which go something like this….

Option 1: I’M HUNGRY and since so-and-so said it wasn’t supper time, I’m going to pounce and attempt to spring a trap on the “unsuspecting” you, since hopefully you’ll be too hot and tired to do anything other than try and shut me up with food. Little do they know that I’m fully aware of all the traps available to small children.


Option 2: I’M GOING TO GO BALLISTIC in an attempt to show you that I missed you, but instead of just saying that, I am going to transfer my hyper energy to misbehaving, touching all the things I don’t normally get to touch, and hopefully you’ll be too tired and hot to do anything other than zone out and ignore our shenanigans. Little do they know that I am fully aware of such shenanigans.


Despite repeated denials of their attempts, they continue to try anyway. At least they’re determined and undeterred by failure, right?


Oh, it’s supper time. I gotta run!

The Handler


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