Beat That Heat!

The trouble with summer is really the heat. More specifically, that small children can’t handle heat. It’s quite bothersome to work out how to keep your sanity, and stay the whine to a minimum. On that note, my task today was to figure out some unusual methods that kept the temperature down without having to buy anything (since my bank account has about $0.35 in it). Completely zany, and not something I would have thought of, but they will work for the time being.


#1: How to keep small children capable of climbing from getting up to the screenless bedroom window and falling out (down two stories)… without having to leave the window closed and locked? It’s complicated, but I found some ingredients for a makeshift screen that can’t move even after I put all my weight on it, so I’m hopeful that it’ll do for the interim.

#2: How to keep the heat out when the curtains don’t close all the way? The answer ended up being simple: tin foil, scissors, and tape. Because the window was all the way open, I was able to prevent any issues with the track, and only had to tin foil one side

#3: How to keep the light out without keeping the heat in, while being unable to change the curtains? Easy. Safety pinned a dark sheet to the curtain already there. Not only can I open it for air flow, I can also darken the room. Score!


So far so good, we’ll see how the long term ends! I now must fly, because my husband is taking over the computer, and it’s bedtime.

The Handler.


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