Busy as Usual

Wow, what a week! Between stuffing invitations at almost midnight (they look great!) and dealing with separation anxiety from two small children, I am beat.

Speaking of small children, Littlest has decided that mimicking Biggest’s tantrums is the thing to do. Whether it’s bouncing on his knees while screaming, or whining at the stove about being hungry (most often as soon as we get up in the morning…), he does it at the top of his lungs. Seeing as it’s before 8am, I’m at a loss as to how to handle it, especially since I’m generally walking on the edge of “Coffee…push big flashing red button…” and “My eardrums! My eardrums!” and “I AM NOT A VENDING MACHINE! WAIT YOUR F******* TURN!”. None of which is verbalized, mind you, however, it is definitely a bit of a tense waking situation.

As I’m getting used to the work schedule, and adjusting to the morning, I’m getting myself into a little more of an organized (loose term, people, loose term…) routine so that I can actually spend some quality time with the little munchkins. This includes setting an alarm, making breakfast at a consistent time, and getting everything ready the night before, as well as cleaning the house after the kids go to bed so that it doesn’t make my morning difficult.

It’s all fine and dandy, really, but Biggest is not (I repeat, NOT!) taking my vacancy well. Unfortunately, that means that most of my time spent with him isn’t particularly pleasant. Worst, I have no idea how to help him deal with it. Do I ignore his behavior altogether? Do I keep it business as usual? Is he pushing buttons just to see if everything is still solid? If so, then perhaps business as usual is best. Should he be over this already, given that it’s been well over a month? If so, then perhaps I should ignore it and shower him with affection.

Parenting is tough in this situation. I wish I could show him how much effort I put in to find a job that allows me to be there in the mornings and bedtimes, and how much energy I put into keeping his routine as close to normal as possible. That however, is one of those things that grownups understand better.


On the bright side, working at a tea shop is keeping me well hydrated, and Littlest has figured out how to speed walk down the hall with assistance. He thinks it’s hilarious.

The Handler.


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