Timers and Babble

Ok, I finally got a chance to post again. Reason being that I gave up on trying to form a coherent thought sans children. I’m now attempting to update you all with Biggest on my lap chanting random alphabet letters, while simultaneously trying to reach my keyboard with both arms so as to type properly. It’s a little difficult. I’m also brewing water for tea, trying to put french bread in the oven (whilst racking my brains trying to remember if I timed it or not) and fielding calls from my bank for services on my credit card which I neither need nor want.


TIMER! I did remember! Ha!!!

Speaking of timers, I finally found the timer that works properly, and amazingly enough, it was right next to my keyboard. And I spent the entire morning using a dollar store egg timer that got dropped and doesn’t work properly (it rings at 3 minutes instead of 0).


I should also mention that it is rather difficult trying to update with the constant chatter coming from my lap.

“Is the bread rising?”

“Are you tired Mommy?”

“But I’m really sorry Mommy.” (no reason whatsoever)


“Is the bread cooking?”

“Will you come sleep with me Mommy?”

“random babble”

“Can I eat the bread, Mommy?”


“Cheese, toast, eggs, BANANA!”

“Can we play Bingo?”


The good news is, while I may have less than coherent updates, I should be able to update more often. I’m sure as time goes on, they’ll make more sense as I relearn how to multitask.


And on that note, I now have to go rescue the tea.

At least you got an update about me updating more often. That’s news right?


The Handler.


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