Food Heaven

Allright, so if all of you didn’t know, my sister is getting married next month. Uncle T is an awesome guy and we’re all thrilled to have him as part of our family. In the course of planning their nuptials, Aunty W has gone the route of insane-artist-planning-everything-homemade-while-somehow-having-it-turn-out-amazing. As part of that insane artist thing, Aunty W decided to add homemade preserves to the menu. I love homemade jams and jellies, so of course, I volunteered to help her.

SIDE NOTE: Despite saying “volunteered”, I got the distinct impression that if I wanted continued peace, I should probably jump in, as I have a vested interest in a sane Aunty W. (That reads: if Aunty W is sane, Aunty W makes me coffee in the morning. Enough said.)


Anyhow. Whilst researching, I came across several delightful novelty jams, including Vanilla Bourbon Peach, Lemon Lavender, Strawberry Rose, Jalapeno Pineapple, and I may or may not have temporarily passed out from the joy of finding a recipe for… get this… MAPLE BACON.


Yes folks. You read that right. Bacon jam. If there’s anything better than toast and coffee in the morning, it’s got to be toast with bacon jam and coffee. Does it get any better? I never used to enjoy bacon as much as I have recently, but I’m quickly developing a love affair with it. Especially maple flavored.


And now my world will not know lasting peace until I find a way to make the stuff.

Off I go!

The Handler.



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