Rocking a Straitjacket

At least, that’s what I should be doing. Instead, I am sitting here, incapable of moving, whilst hearing Biggest babble and Littlest scream. Did you know that my youngest son’s scream goes beyond banshee and toward really annoying tea kettle? It makes me want to crank on Tchaikovsky and put on a pair of noise cancelling headphones. I have been on so many buses and visited so many places today that I honestly am not sure whether I’m just dreaming of being home.


In case you weren’t sure, we have 11 days left until the Big Day. Big Day being my sister’s wedding. Since we have so little time left, and since today was my day off, it was errand time for me. Which, of course, translates to taking children along since my husband is back to class. While I am proud of Biggest’s attempt to keep his attitude in check, there’s only so much one three year old can take (and one Mommy can handle) before everything goes south. It hit me somewhere between the 95th bus, the tea kettle scream (since I was making truffles and unable to pick his royal Littleness up), Biggest’s insistence that his friend’s toy was in fact unavailable to share with said friend, and the 45 minute walk in the ridiculously hot sun (after finding out that the two buses I needed to catch were exactly opposite of each other when I needed them to be there, and thusly unable to make my trip home a quick one). I did, however, make it all the way home, up the three flights of stairs to my apartment (yes, they did feel like 50 flights, and yes, I was wondering what possessed me to have a third floor apartment), and even better, I made it unaided to my computer chair. (Egad!) I even found something in the freezer to stuff in a pot for the kids!


My only problem now? My coffee place is a 20 minute walk away, and I require coffee like nobody’s business.

To caffeinate or not to caffeinate, that is the question. An espresso by any other name would smell as heavenly. (Need I go on?)



Excuse me while I slip slowly into madness.

The Handler.


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