Back to Business

The void after a big event is nothing short of miraculous. Also: shocking. Also: slightly terrifying. After spending the summer putting together my sister’s wedding, and having both her and her new husband’s delightful company in our spare bedroom, we are finally finished. They are safely married and ensconced (albeit slightly awkwardly due to lack of furniture) next door.

I am now faced with the ginormousness of empty space. Literally. With all of our stuff in here it was definitely a squeeze, and between 6 people living in a tiny 3 bedroom apartment and an entirely homemade wedding’s worth of decorations and paraphernalia, it was also a bit of a mess. Don’t get me wrong, it was an organized mess, but there’s really only so much you can do. Let’s not forget that my living room is also a study in children’s toys. Need I say more? Now, of course, all that space is available again. Wowzers! Also: CRUMBS. It’s funny what that many people can deposit in couch cushions. Really. It comes with a bit of empty heart space too, though, as I’ve really enjoyed the company, and it’s been a very long time since my sister and I were able to be this close. (Thankfully, they live next door, so I can always maniacally tap morse code on the walls and leave stalker-esque notes on their door. It’s all good.)

My biggest problem really is now that we have space to walk, Littlest refuses to walk. That’s right. He’s still not walking. Personally, I don’t believe a wit of it. Maybe it’s the fact that he can walk hanging on to one finger. Maybe it’s the fact that he can cruise hanging onto the hallway wall. Or maybe it’s the fact that he can stop, pick his walker up off the ground, and turn it 90 degrees without falling over, but I’m pretty sure I’m being fleeced.

Speaking of fleeced, Biggest has come to the conclusion that I am utterly clueless, and therefore fleece-able. He seems to think that telling me that he “wants to” will make everything change. Better yet, he seems to think that if he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to. Nothing is secretly funnier than the self assurance of a certain three year old logically stating that because he doesn’t want the sun in his eyes, I can do something about it. (And furthermore, that I will.)

Some stuff is still business as usual. Examples? Flopping like a fish (Biggest) and screaming at kettle-level decibels (Littlest). I am also still a vending machine. Oh. And a water cooler. Whining hasn’t stopped, and neither has the gnashing of teeth upon the announcement of bedtime. We still hate washing our hands. We still try to crawl away with our butt hanging out at diaper changes. We’re still procrastinating with 4 million pees, and we’re still trying to get each other in trouble after lights out.

Now I am settling back into “business as usual” according to Autumn. With a few changes, IE: daycare twice a week, an almost full time job, and my much-awaited gym membership. (Whose brilliant idea was it to run over 40k at once? Mine? Someone have me supervised!!) All in all though…

I’m glad it’s fall.

The Handler.

PS: Thanks for sticking with me through the summer!


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