Outsmarting Bedtime.

Ok, folks. I’ll be honest. I have totally slacked off with bedtime this summer. Why? Because seriously, trying to keep small children in bed when the sun’s still streaming through the window at 9pm is kind of a pain in the butt. I thought perhaps letting them play until it got a little darker would be ok, but I was sadly mistaken. Instead, I now have two small children who sleep in til 8, sauce/crab/whine/mean their way through an exhausted day, and fall asleep at 9:30pm. Longer if there’s a nap involved.

So: yesterday night was the night I decided “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”. 7:00pm is now bedtime. No playing. No horsing around. It’s officially time to be quiet, lie down, and go to sleep.

(Wanna know how many times I had to go in and settle them down? Fifteen times. That’s right. fifteen.)

At some point, I ended up deciding that rather than getting up and getting down, I would sit and have my tea outside the door so I could hear them until they fell asleep. I had a hunch (and I was right), that it would take some doing to teach them how to settle into bed. After Intervention #5, I sat in the doorway. With the door open. I’m hoping (probably in vain) that at some point, I will have sat outside the door long enough that I can sneak away after closing the door and they’ll assume I’m still there. Pigs may also fly. Especially since my children are clever.

I’m also hoping that with the return of our spare room (and lo, the playroom was born), their bedroom might actually get used only for sleeping. In which case, maybe eventually they’ll be able to sleep easily in there, as that will be the auto-pilot mode upon entering. If you know otherwise, please allow one exhausted mother her delusions. At some point you can look forward to the probable posting of “epic fail”, at which point, you may then tell me all the “told you so”‘s you wish.

Despite my worst fears, however, tonight has gone exceptionally well. I’ve only had to intervene 4 times instead of 15. I suspect, though, that it is the calm before the storm, by which I mean that they will fling everything possible at me to see whether I actually mean it or not.

Instead of wishing me luck, I beg you to wish me a good night’s sleep and happy children in the morning.

The Handler.

(was that a sneaky giggle??)


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