Marathon (HA!)

Really, sometimes I ask myself what on earth I was thinking when I set my fitness goal as “run a marathon”. Isn’t that what I do on a daily basis?

Don’t get me wrong: I love running. I feel great when I’m done, and completely satisfied with myself.

However, it has been far more difficult than I would have anticipated to integrate training for a marathon with my daily living. (Also, it’s only just occurred to me that a standard marathon takes an average of 3 hours to run.) I’ve been particularly frustrated because my gym time is in the morning before work, 3 times a week, and two of those days are on daycare days where I have that time completely to myself. Sounds perfect, right?

Wrong. It would seem that the call of the bed is slightly more intense than the call of the treadmill. Personally, I think that my bed grows tendrils that lace me in until at least 10:00. Children seem to scare it, so they disappear on days where the kids wake me up. I can’t prove it though.

Regardless, I’ve had to drag my sorry bum to the gym in the evening twice this week, as my two running times so far have been spent a-snooze. While I’m enjoying the uninterrupted sleep, the whole 3 hours thing means that I’m going to have to find a way to get out of bed earlier to allow extra time for the longer runs.

I will refer you to my opening statement. (What was I thinking!)

Oh well, despite the odds, I have worked my way up to 4.18k in a half an hour and yes, I’ll take all the decimal points I can get! Furthermore, despite my self-questioning, now that I have set my goal as a full marathon, I will not settle for less (being me and all… it’s not a wonder my children are stubborn).

The Handler.


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