Poked My Head Out Of The Madhouse!

My head is full. So full, in fact, that it’s taken me this long to figure out how to write about it in such a manner as to be understandable. Really. Seriously. No joke. On that note, this may turn out to be a rather long update, as it encompasses (much to my astonishment) almost a month. Without further ado… here it goes! I shall try to be brief, so that you’ll still have time to do whatever it is that you need to before bed.

Marathon. What’s with that? Who’s idea was it? Where do I find them so I can safely admit them to the psychiatric ward? Oh right, it was me. I’m able to run about 2.5 miles in a half an hour, and I’ve started adding strength training so my knees can be properly supported. However, I’m finding the next stage difficult to work out, as by the time I’m done daycare drop off, I’ve got an hour and a half to do my session, shower, and get to work.

Speaking of… we have to look for a new childcare centre, as our current one is closing it’s doors in April. While this is disappointing, it’s also exciting, as we might be able to find one closer to us, which will solve the training dilemma.

Speaking of… I’m surprised (although I shouldn’t be) at the difference an extra day of childcare makes in attitudes. It’s Christmas season, which means work is super busy, so we’ve taken an extra couple of days. This means (much to my astonishment) that my children have gone from “yay daycare” followed by “yay Mommy!” to “yay daycare! I’m so not listening to you right now.” followed by “yay Mommy! *scream* *tantrum* *I don’t wanna!* *WHY?*”. If you ask me, it’s probably because I have to get them up early to get them out the door, and we get home late due to the bus system. Not that I’m complaining. It could also be that they’re pushing buttons because they’re secretly angry that I’m not there, or simply because they can. We’ll never know.

Which brings me to…. our bus system! I’m both excited and saddened by the new year. Excited because the system has undergone some revising, which should make our commute easier, and saddened because the fares will probably increase, the bus drivers will change, and we’ve gotten rather attached to who Biggest terms “our favorite lady”. It doesn’t hurt that she sneaks them treats every now and again.

Speaking of… I got a beautiful treat this year… *drum roll please* NO MORE BUGGY! and NO MORE CARRIER! That’s right! I’m officially hands free. This may involve a strait jacket as much as the whole marathon training thing, but I’m truly excited. Both of my monkeys are great walkers (err mostly) and I love being free to grab both of them and head out the door. I said mostly because Littlest was quite attached to being attached (hah!) and the first three times we went for a walk, he went 5 sidewalk tiles and curled up into a screaming, wailing, gnashing, tantrumming, the-world-is-ending toddler (EVERY 5 TILES). Once he got over it (read: discovered his freedom), we’ve only had a couple of minor incidents, and those were on longer walks when he got tired. Didn’t hurt that the buggy has stopped responding to steering attempts and Littlest has really packed on the pounds.

Another treat, Littlest is almost entirely done with his thumb. He looks up to his older brother, and responds well to “you’re too big for a thumb” quite nicely.

Which brings me to Christmas! 10 days! Both the kids are genuinely excited. Biggest is starting to understand the concept, and Littlest is dazzled with the lights. We spent a whole bus ride with him babbling “nother one! Oook! nudder one! Oooooo ites!”. I’m excited too. I was able to do shopping early this year, and found some really great deals. Some of our gifts for the boys are stuff we were going to get next year, like pajamas and socks, but the rest of it is special. And even underwear’s exciting when you add ribbons. (Doesn’t hurt when they’re Avengers themed either.) I actually was so beside myself at shopping early that we ended up wrapping all our gifts. It’s felt really odd to not have any last-minute stuff to do, and I’ve found myself twiddling my thumbs a bit. Oh well, more baking time!

Last thing, my birthday is coming up and I was surprised with the fuzziest robe and slipper socks. I love slipper socks. I don’t understand how I was able to live without them. Really. I was also surprised with tickets to the last Hobbit movie in the theatre, and dinner, and the best part is that we are double dating with my twin sister and her husband. What could be better than that??

Just in case I find myself totally bazonkers and unable to write anything else before Christmas, I wish you all the very best of the holidays!

The Handler.


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