A Few Notes On Morning Yoga

In an effort to help myself relax during this busy season, my husband and I have taken up yoga. Recently we decided that our abilities allowed the addition of the morning session.

Note #1: Morning yoga is significantly different than evening yoga.

– Ow.

Note #2: Whoever said that yoga was for wimps was wrong.

– Ow.

Note #3: Waving your arms above your head repeatedly for a half an hour hurts.

– Arms are really heavy.

Note #4: Has anyone noticed that I said “morning”? That involves children.

HAHAHAHAHA! Yoga.. Children… Ow… HAHAHAHA can’t breathe… HAHAHAHAHA!

– While watching a three year old boy try to do “Warrior Pose” is hilarious and heartwarmingly adorable, it would have been beneficial to note that a three-year-old boy also has no interest in doing a full half an hour of deep breathing. Furthermore, if his attention should wane in the middle of… oh I don’t know… “Wide Angle Forward Bend” (that reads almost doing the splits while trying to do an armstand), you will be used as a tunnel.

Note #5: Balancing while being used as a tunnel adds an extra level of difficulty to any standing yoga pose.

– Duh.

Note #6: Consider it a test of your inner peace to pursue “Relaxation Pose” while being used as a road map for small cars.

– Continue on this thought for being a horse. Being continuously pestered with “Open your eyes Mommy!” and “Can I snuggle you?” (insert boob damage while child gets comfortable) counts for master yogi status.

Note #7: If you can make it to the end of “Namaste” and still be smiling, I applaud you. For everyone else, may I suggest attaching your children to the couch with a book, or perhaps bribing them with Busytown Mysteries if they can leave your body space alone for a half an hour. Add a cookie if they don’t ask you anything either.

Better yet, just stick to the evening session, and assume that if you do feel like doing some yoga in the morning, it will not be the least bit relaxing. (It will definitely wake you up though.)(Bring coffee.)

The Handler.


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