A Brief Study On Ineffective Uses Of “Peez”.

Peez? Peez? Peez? Peez? Peez? PEEZ? *sob**wail**gnash teeth* Peez? Peez? Peez?

This, folks, is what most of my conversations with Littlest look like. It is both adorable and incredibly trying. Adorable because babble from an objective viewpoint is exactly that: adorable. Incredibly trying because after one gets over the objective bit, there’s only so much guessing you can do before tantrums occur. And, let’s be honest, there is a tiny bit of yourself that is as heartbroken as the screaming creature you’re trying to communicate with.

Right now, we’re past the worst of it. Biggest has the most amazing vocabulary, and Littlest has enough words to get his requests across. Most of the time. Clearly not all the time or we wouldn’t be having this lesson. On the positive side, the following are clear enough to be accommodated:

“Ninner” – Feed me. Anything. Anytime.

“Ugg” (accompanied by crab hands) – I want a hug.

“Up” – Pick me up.

“Up” – I’d like down.

“B Bus” – Big bus.

“Daddy” – Daddy or Mommy, whoever’s in the room.

“Daddy” – Daddy or Mommy, whoever’s gone out the door.

“Mommy” – I want something.

“Mommy” – I’m about to have a tantrum.

“Mommy” – I don’t want to listen to Daddy.

“Mommy” – I’m so excited to see you!

“Book” – Read to me.

“Nowanu” – I will not, under any circumstance, do what you have just suggested. Tantrum will follow if you attempt further communication on this subject.

“Nanat” – It’s bedtime, and I’m ok with it!

“Bubye/Bye” – You’re leaving, or I’m leaving, and I’m ok with it.

“Watee” – I’m thirsty.

“Batee” – I’m thirsty. Interchangeable with the above.

“Noooowwwwwuh” – My whining is warning you that “Nowanu” is imminent.

“Da doo too” – Love you! (too)

“Daydoo” – Thank you.

Which brings me to the only one not on the list (for good reason).


This is what Littlest says when he can’t get his point across. It starts with him hanging onto your leg for dear life, looking up at you, and saying “Peez” as many times as necessary before you become frustrated. At some time or another, you will become frustrated enough to get him to show you (the idea being that you say the word he’s looking for and have him repeat it back to you so he’s no longer frustrated.). This generally backfires though, because on top of being a multiuse word, Littlest will nod at anything.




“Ok, food. Supper, Sup – per.”

In this scenario, Littlest is enthusiastically buckled into his seat, giving you all the signs that you’ve solved his request without a tantrum, then… wait for it…

“Peez? Peez? Peez?”

“You said you were hungry. Did you mean you wanted your water?”


“Ok, water then. Wa – ter.”


*hand cup over*


“Peez? Peez? Peez?”

This may seem like I’m falling over myself giving him what he wants, but please know that is not the case. More often than anything, if I can’t figure it out after the first one or two “Peez”es, I will let him properly decide. That, however, earns the wrath of Littlest, bringing on the flop-on-the-floor-like-he’s-dying tantrums, which I painfully must ignore. Eventually he’ll realize that he can move his head side to side instead of up and down, and that it works more effectively. In the meantime, I’m thinking earplugs.

On another note, Littlest is late for his vaccinations, so I get to go to Needleville tomorrow. He’s going to be thrilled.

The Handler.


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