Battle of the BUG

Saturday, January 17, 2015.

BUG invaded children. Used subterfuge.

Sunday, January 18, 2015.

BUG was discovered. Children were engaged on multiple fronts, including Nasal Passages, Airways, and Temperature Regulation Centres.

Littlest appeared to be the hardest hit, and was therefore dubbed as Child Zero.

BUG engaged parental fronts.

The Mother Unit attempted to engage BUG in peace talks over alcohol.

Monday, January 19, 2015.

Quarantine was issued to all units in vicinity, excepting the Mother Unit.

Mother Unit discovered that peace talks had failed after noticing raging battle in Eustachian Tubes, particularly near Hearing Centre. After Mother Unit’s troops were unable to predict the surprise attacks on the Hearing Centre, BUG took advantage, and moved the battle to the Throat Cavity as well, rendering Mother Unit unable to speak properly.

Mother Unit issued emergency evacuation from Work, and returned to the Central Hub.

Father Unit rendered incapacitated, found a limited supply of reserve power for Brain Expansion Assembly.

Mother Unit charged reserves by powering down briefly.

Child Zero and Biggest also powered down.

Mother Unit used reserves to assist in Temperature Control with Child Zero, as Temperature Regulators were nearing capacity, and required an immediate response team. Child Zero plunged into tepid water, and spent remaining reserves flailing limbs.

Mother Unit joined Child Zero in tepid water to provide emotional support, also concurring (minus flailing limbs) that the temperature wasn’t pleasant to sensory systems.

BUG was now rampant in all four battle locations, as Father Unit returned to the Central Hub with no reserves left, and several failing sites.

All individuals residing at Central Hub retired at 19:30 hours.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

Mother Unit, having used power down time to secretly brief the Resistance, set in on Operation: Remove BUG.

BUG was first flooded with TEA, then with ROOIBOS. Acronyms unavailable due to possible security compromise.

After lulling BUG into a sense of security, it was flooded with a wave of JUICE.

Child Zero, Biggest, Mother Unit and Father Unit put in stasis for minimal power usage, taking advantage of the recently completed Netflix Project.

The three liquids reflooded the area again.

They were immediately followed by Team C. (Now in gummies!)

After a short recess, BUG was flanked by the ultra commando squad CORYZALIA.

Finally, a decisive blow was laid in two stages. First, a small detonation of Garlic, followed by another flooding of the JUICE compound. Then, a larger detonation of Garlic, smuggled in via meatloaf.

All four occupants of the Central Hub powered down early to conserve energy resources.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015.

While the devastation caused by BUG remains, it can be confidently stated that the Resistance has the upper hand, and BUG is in disarray. It may be several days yet before all systems can be repaired, but quarantine has been lifted, and, with the exception of slightly limited power reserves, all units have been able to resume normal operations.

The Handler (IE: The Mother Unit)


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